Old Men Wear Hats Like This

Why Old Men Wear Hats

By Roy L Hales

You see them everywhere. There are probably more in rural settings than urban. Education does not seem to be a factor; Neither does income; Age is, especially among males. Ever wonder why old men wear hats?

Old Men Wear Hats

Personally, I do not like what I see in the mirror.

Up until my early 40s, I thought I would be the first male in my family to escape the curse. My awakening came suddenly. Watching the video of an art show, my attention was drawn to how the camera found the bald spot at the back of an old geezer’s head. Then he stood up and I saw “he” was me.

Since thin,  a thin white fuzz replaced the curly brown locks that were once on the top of my head. Covering it makes me look a decade younger,

Luxurious White Hair

I’m relatively indifferent about the colour. My wife rubs in some goop that keeps the sides a greyish brown. She says “it looks natural.” I’d be satisfied with a head covered by luxurious white hair- providing¬† it was thick and curly.

Since I can’t have this, I’ll wear a hat.

Top Photo Credit: Pergola by jenny downing via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

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