Why is Clean Technica Number One?

Zach Shahan started blogging for an obscure environmental website in 2008. Since then he has gone on to become editor of one of the world’s most popular renewable sites. Why is Clean Technica number one?

Why is Clean Technica Number One?

Zach Shahan, Editor of Clean Technica, Planet Save & other sites

The website’s origins go back to the era where solar energy was becoming a hot topic in the United States. There was little interest in electric vehicles.

In fact, Zach was initially prejudiced against all cars.  (This changed after he realized that, on the whole, electric vehicles are much more convenient than gas cars.)

Clean Technica was a place where bloggers collected renewable news from around the world. Some is paraphrasing other news stories; other pieces are more original.

In  the attached podcast, Zach describes the turning point as when Clean Technica started generating between 4 and 10 stories a day.

Now the target is 10 to 15.

“If you want to be a successful site, you have to be the obsessive site on that topic. on the web”

Clean Technica’s Focus

Clean Technica’s focus is “Technology-wise, our focus is solar powerclean transportwind powerenergy efficiency, and energy storage. However, we also get into many other topics — geothermal, hydropower, nuclear power, climate change, etc.”

Broadcast on Cortes Community Radio, Tuesday, July 23, 2014.

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