Why Become A Member Of CKTZ

By Roy L Hales

Rochelle Baker is both a journalist and the first of CKTZ’s directors to come from someplace other than Cortes Island. She is a Quadra Island resident and, as such, a visible example of how Cortes radio is expanding into its broadcast area. As we draw closer to the radio society’s 2018 AGM, on June 3, I asked her why become a member of CKTZ.

CKTZ Reflects Our Community

She explained, “I believe CKTZ is important because it reflects our community: its opinions; its hopes and desires; its quirkiness; its personalities; its history; its generations of musical tastes … The objectives and mandate of CKTZ is to foster community.”

“You can get to know the members and individuals and your neighbours on the island from the very comfort of the chair in your living room.”

This is not something that a commercial station, whose principal motivation is attracting advertisers, is as prepared to do.

Aside from some very brief sponsorship acknowledgements, “We offer commercial free radio…”

Why Become A Member Of CKTZ

“In order for the station to survive, it needs memberships. It needs the support of the community, both financially and through its very broad volunteer base,” she said.

“What I get out of being a member, beyond good karma, is that I know I am supporting a community entity but I also get a greater sense of integration within my community. I am relatively new to the Discovery Islands and it gives me a sense of place and purpose within my community that I otherwise would not have.”

Coming to the 2018 AGM

Rochelle says there are three reasons to attend CKTZ’s 2018 AGM:

  1. Self Interest: There are prizes
  2. Good Karma: “because you are supporting our community and one of the main vehicles how our community is reflected” in our listening area.
  3. Entertainment: Cortes Island own comedy improv group will be performing.

Join us at CKTZ’s 2018 AGM, in the Pioneer Room of Manson’s Hall, 1 PM Sunday, June 3.

Top Photo Credit: The Discovery Channel, between Campbell River & Quadra Island,  by David Stanley via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

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