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America’s Largest Net Zero Plus Building

By Roy L Hales

The first zero net energy building in the United States was erected at the beginning of this century. In California this standard has penetrated the residential market and every new home will have to produce as much energy as it consumes by 2020. The Net Zero Plus Electric Training Institute (NZP-ETI),  in Greater Los Angeles, goes further. America’s largest net zero plus building is expected to generate an additional 185,000 KWh of electricity by the end of year one.

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Morningstar Approves Of PACE

By Roy L Hales

As the Wallstreet Journal once put it, “Morningstar stands alone” in their field. The Chicago based research firm has provided the leading qualitative and quantitative analysis of more than 540,000 investment stocks, mutual funds, and similar vehicles. Thus their opinion of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program is weighty and their new report makes it obvious that Morningstar approves of PACE.

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Michigan’s 6th Commercial PACE Project

By Roy L Hales

Michigan passed the legislation for a Commercial PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program in 2010. Businesses and commercial properties in participating municipalties can retrofit their buildings with renewable energy and energy efficient systems by borrowing money from a private lender and repay the loan via a special assessment on their local property tax. It has taken longer for municipalities to opt in and consequently, the state’s PACE programs didn’t really get started until 2016. According to Tommy Deavenport, Chief Operating Officer of Petros PACE Finance, Michigan’s 6th commercial PACE project has now been funded.

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Will The Next President Miss Out On A $30 Billion Deal?

By Roy L Hales

screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3-43-47-pm1Donald Trump boasts about his ability to recognize and make deals. But does he recognize the value of initiatives like fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks, appliance standards and the Clean Power Plan? Will the next President miss out on a $30 billion deal?

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