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The Ultimate Tiny Condo

The ECOreport reposts new of one way to relieve pressure from Western Canada’s housing market, the ultimate tiny condo.

Originally Published on University of Alberta News

By Bev Betkowski

It’s no bigger than a cozy living room, but a tiny condo built by a University of Alberta researcher gives an exciting glimpse into the big picture of what future housing could be—affordable, functional and human.
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America’s Largest Net Zero Plus Building

The ECOreport looks at how America’s largest net zero plus building illustrates the future of energy efficient design

By Roy L Hales

The first zero net energy building in the United States was erected at the beginning of this century. In California this standard has penetrated the residential market and every new home will have to produce as much energy as it consumes by 2020. The Net Zero Plus Electric Training Institute (NZP-ETI),  in Greater Los Angeles, goes further. America’s largest net zero plus building is expected to generate an additional 185,000 KWh of electricity by the end of year one.

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The Value Of Energy Efficient Homes

The ECOreport reposts an OP-Ed on the value of  energy efficient homes to Canada’s development

Originally Published in The Hill Times

By Vivian Chung, Dylan Heerema

There is growing recognition across the country of the importance of buildings and energy efficiency to combatting climate change and meeting our commitments under the Paris Agreement. Because nearly a quarter of Canada’s greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions are linked to homes and buildings, improving the energy efficiency of our built environment is one of the federal government’s key action areas for climate action.

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British Columbia’s Green Buildings

The ECOreport reposts an update  from the Pembina Institute, British Columbia’s Green Buildings

Originally Posted on the Pembina Institute

By Karen Tam Wu

France was a hub of the Renaissance, an era that saw landmark buildings built in Paris, including parts of the Louvre. So it’s fitting that the UN climate conference in Paris will host the inaugural Buildings Day. This is an important opportunity to chart a new course for how we can all use energy more efficiently within our homes and buildings.

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5 Steps to Redefining Thermal Comfort

The ECOreport reposts the story of a building in Basalt Colorado hat does not use central heating or cooling systems – 5 Steps to Redefining Thermal Comfort

Originally Published on RMI Outlet

By Chris McClurg

When the story broke that RMI’s 15,610 square foot innovative new office building and convening center in Basalt, Colorado, has no traditional central heating and cooling system in spite of being located in the coldest climate zone in the continental U.S., we definitely raised some eyebrows. How would occupants stay warm with external temperatures that averaged 38 degrees Fahrenheit with only a small, distributed heating system that is the energy-use equivalent of 1.2 average-sized homes? The answer is passive, integrative design.

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Seattle Adopts Progressive Building Legislation

The ECOreport reposts news that Seattle Adopts Progressive Building Legislation

Originally Published on Seattle.Gov

Earlier this month, City Council passed building energy legislation that propels Seattle into an elite group of cities with progressive policies aimed at driving energy efficiencies and reducing climate impacts. At the direction of Mayor Murray, OSE developed the new policies to keep Seattle on track to meet Seattle’s GHG emissions reduction goal in the building sector, as outlined in our Climate Action Plan . OSE worked closely with stakeholders from the building community and would like to recognize the significant input and expertise they provided which helped OSE to craft the final bills. Seattle’s new energy legislation addresses three distinct areas:

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Filming The World’s “First” Eco-Friendly Skyscraper

The ECOreport looks at Filming The World’s “First” Eco-Friendly Skyscraper, the Shanghai Tower

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMIf we can believe the developers, Joe Nafis’ stunning documentary the Shanghai Tower is much more than a record of how the plantet’s second-highest skyscraper was built. Nafis spent four years filming the World’s “first” eco-friendly skyscraper.

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Housing As A Federal Election Issue

Associate Professor Thomas Davidoff of UBC’s Sauder School of Business says candidates should be discussing affordable housing as a federal election issue

Originally Published on UBC News

Q/ What should the future prime minister do?

TD: To address high housing prices, which can make it difficult for renters to transition to home ownership, we should shift the tax burden from income taxes towards property taxes and taxing capital gains on housing. As different levels of government control income taxes and property taxes, they will need to work together.

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Living Green Walls May Be A Health Hazard

They are incredibly beautiful but a new study from the University of York found that in in hot, polluted climates, Living Green Walls May Be A Health Hazard

Originally Published on Click Green

Living ‘green’ walls may have adverse health effects on office workers living in hot, polluted climates, new research by University of York academics has found.

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Canada is #2 for LEED building in the World.

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1Though LEED is not the world’s only green building rating system, it is the most most widely used and recognized. Thus it is no small thing that, for the second year in a row, Canada is #2 for LEED building in the World.

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