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How Vancouver Will Adopt 100% Renewable Energy

By Roy L Hales

Vancouver’s Renewable City Strategy has been released. The city currently obtains 31% of its’ from clean energy sources. Though the Acting City Manager says he finds it “hard to imagine a city without fossil fuels,” he “enthusiastically supports” this plan.  How Vancouver will adopt 100% renewable energy by 2050 .
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Exploring the Walkable Streets Of Stockholm

By Roy L Hales

Stockholm is a leader in the movement to create more liveable cities. There are more bicycles than cars in many parts of the city. The  Medieval core has been given over to pedestrians and is virtually car-free. Instead of killing business, as many merchants feared, this has brought people to their doors. went exploring the walkable streets of Stockholm in the two videos below.

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Exploring Vancouver Through

By Roy L Hales is an incredible video gateway to the World’s sustainable transportation network. There are nearly 500 videos, made in North America, Europe and Asia, to entice people into the movement for livable streets. For my first tour around the site, I picked the theme of exploring Vancouver through

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Vancouver Has Made Significant Progress

By Roy L Hales

In 2009, Gregor Robertson was elected mayor of Vancouver after campaigning to make it the greenest city in the World. Two years later, the Economist ranked Vancouver #2 in North America. In 2013, Vancouver was chosen as the planet’s first Global Earth Hour Capital. The judges were impressed by the city’s overall holistic approach to climate action. According to the city’s sustainability director, Amanda Pitre-Hayes, Vancouver has made significant progress.

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