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Mr Harper, Nobody Believes You

By Roy L Hales

Each of the candidates at Maclean’s National Leader’s Debate faced a significant challenge. Though none overcame it, most gained ground. The exception was Stephen Harper, who appeared to fail miserably. Justin Trudeau summed many Canadian’s sentiments when he said, “Mr Harper, nobody believes You.”

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Canada’s Leaders Debate Tonight

By Roy L Hales

Does Stephen Harper really believe Canada’s future should be decided in corporate boardrooms? Would the people of Canada have more of a voice if is Thomas Mulcair, or Justin Trudeau, were Prime Minister? What role will the Green Party play in the next administration? These are a few of the questions that might be clearer after Canada’s Leaders Debate Tonight.

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Chilliwack releases Take Back this Land

By Bill Warriner & Roy L Hales

Most of us remember them from the 1970’s and 80’s when, according to Rolling Stone, “At their best, Chilliwack was the finest Canadian rock band, outrocking BTO and outwriting Burton Cummings…” Though the band has gone through several changes of membership, lead singer Bill Henderson remains. The following song is a cry for action in the 2015 election. Together the Henderson girls, Chilliwack releases Take Back this Land.

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BC May Determine The Outcome

By Roy L Hales

The race is on. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has asked the Governor General to dissolve Parliament early, to launch what is expected to be the most expensive election in Canadian history. “Upwards of $700 million” could be spent on this campaign and a large chunk of the contributions to all parties will be claimed as tax deductions. According to Dr Maxwell Cameron, from UBC’s Department of Political Science, BC may determine the outcome.

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Clinton Wants To See Half A Billion US Solar Panels

By Roy L Hales

With Hilary Clinton leading the pack of Presidential hopefuls, America could increase its solar capacity by 700% by 2020. The latest CNN poll shows 44% of the voters respondents favourable to her. This is quite a lead over the two next most favoured candidates, Republicans Jeb Bush and Donald Trump (who both had 34%). Her Democratic challenger, Bernie Sanders,may be “moving up” but has a long way to go with only 24%. Clinton wants to see half a billion US solar panels on rooftops by the end of her first term.

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