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Sun Towards High Noon: Explaining How Solar Power Is Transforming Our Energy Future

By Roy L Hales

Peter F. Varadi’s first book1 described the birth of the solar industry and its’ growth up until 2013. He recruited a team of internationally recognized contributors for the sequel.2 SUN TOWARDS HIGH NOON: SOLAR POWER TRANSFORMING OUR ENERGY FUTURE guides us through the industry today.

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Show 2 footnotes

  2. Wolfgang Palz, Editor of the Pan San Series on Renewable Energy; Michael Eckhart, Managing Director & Global Head of Environmental Finance at Citigroup; Dr Allan Hoffman, a former senior analyst at the US Department of Energy; Paula Mints, founder & Chief Market Research Analyst of SPV Market Research; Bill Rever, co founder Advanced Silicon Group; John Wohlgemuth, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Frank Wouters, former Deputy Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency

Portable Electric Can Power Almost Anything

By Roy L Hales

Portable Electric came out of Vancouver’s 2015 Great Climate Race. This is a “walk and run race,” with 2 kilometre and 10 kilometre events, through the city’s iconic Stanley Park. The event raises funds and awareness for local community solar-energy projects. In similar  outdoor events through-out North America, the associated venues are powered by portable gas and diesel generators. Having previously installed solar plus battery systems in Africa, the Great Climate Race’s power co-ordinator knew how to resolve this apparent contradiction. After the race, Mark Rabin founded a new company to continue providing solar plus battery power to outdoor events throughout Western Canada. Portable Electric can power almost anything from music festivals, to emergency situations or film sets.

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A More Efficient Solar Cell

By Roy L Hales

The electricity produced by current PV solar installations is not adequate for Germany’s targeted energy transformation. Photovoltaic power will have to have to go through a ten-old increase over the next 15 years.  This may be possible using a high performance alternative that uses Laser-Fired Contact (LFC) technology. Ralf Preu and Jan Nekarda were awarded the 2016 Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize for their role as initiators and drivers in the development of a more efficient solar cell.

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SolarWorld’s New Mono-PERC Bifacial Modules

By Roy L Hales

They allegedly generate up to 25% more energy than standard mono-facial modules of the same nominal wattages. Ben Santarris, Head of corporate communications for SolarWorld Americas, said he is not aware of anything like this product on the market. (He checked before phoning me back to confirm that. ) They have been tried out in a small test field in Germany and a commercial installation in Japan. Now SolarWorld’s Mono-PERC bifacial modules are here.

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WTO Ruled In Favour Of The US

The ECOreport looks at how the WTO ruled in favour of the US in a solar dispute with India

By Roy L Hales

In 2010 , India required developers of certain solar photovoltaic (“PV”) projects through its National Solar Mission (NSM) to use domestically manufactured solar modules. This restriction was subsequently expanded to include solar cells. This led to a 90% drop in U.S. solar exports to India.  The US Trade Representative appealed to the World Trade Organization (WTO),  whose member states are required to treat imports equally as domestic products. The WTO ruled in favour of the US in a solar dispute with India
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