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Riding Vancouver’s Old Interurban

By Roy L Hales

In 1910, Vancouver had one of North America’s most advanced electric train networks. The old interurban line ran for 114 miles,  to Chilliwack in the heart of the Fraser Valley. It also serviced the sleepy village of Steveston to the south. This technological wonder was abandoned when British Columbians turned to the automobile, in the 1950s. A 4.6 mile segment of the route through Surrey was recently brought back to life as part of living museum project. So I went riding Vancouver’s old interurban.

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Comparing Transit Across Canada

A Review of the Pembina Institute’s Report: Fast Cities: Comparing transit across Canada

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMThe average Toronto resident uses rapid transit 133 times a year. That’s much higher than Calgary (74) or Vancouver (52), yet these two cities have spent more developing their infrastructure during the past two decades.  The most accessible transit system is in Montreal, which is within a 15 minute walk for 37% of the population. These are a few of the facts in the Pembina Institute’s new report “Fast Cities: Comparing transit across Canada.”

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