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Asking A Liberal Candidate Tough Questions

By Roy L Hales

One of the principle movers behind the agreement to save the Great Bear Rainforest is running as a Liberal candidate in North Island riding. Dallas Smith hopes to bring more local accountability into the political process. There is not enough time to broadcast the entirety of our interview. Aside from a short exchange about Site C, last week’s broadcast was essentially a puff piece. In this segment, I am asking a Liberal candidate tough questions.

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The Real Justin Trudeau

By Roy L Hales

The NATIONAL POST published a very cynical portrait of Canada’s Liberal government. Andrew Coyne wrote, “Every time you think you have plumbed the depths, every time you believe you have pierced the many veils of their duplicity, you are delighted to discover still another con wrapped inside the last — usually delivered by some smiling minister tweeting variations on ‘Better is Always Possible’ and ‘Diversity is Our Strength.’” Unlike the previous administration, which “never bothered to pretend they were anything other than grimly determined power-seekers,” the Trudeau people are using their perceived idealism as “a newer, slicker, con.”  Coyne may be right, but I suspect this is not the real Justin Trudeau.

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Little Guys Can Prevail Over Big Corporations

By Roy L Hales

screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3-43-47-pm1Anti-wind activist Kevon Martis just sent an update about SB 438,  the bill that requiring Michigan to obtain 15% of its’ electricity from renewable sources. Martis’ initial response was discouragement. Then someone drew his attention to a clause in the final draft of that legislation that allows townships and counties to retain control over zoning for wind energy. Martis was reminded  that little guys can prevail over big corporations – but it takes a lot of work.

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Michigan Passed Laws Requiring 15% Renewables By 2021

By Roy L Hales

screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3-43-47-pm1Governor Rick Snyder wanted to overhaul the state’s energy bills in 2015, but encountered fierce opposition.  Opponents of Senate Bill 438 (SB 438) believed it puts corporate interests above the needs of residents.  Proponents describe it as a small step towards lowering electricity costs, creating jobs and improving public health. Thanks to the Governor’s direct intervention, the legislators found a compromise. Thursday Michigan passed laws requiring 15% renewables by 2021.

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