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By Roy L Hales

America only uses about half of its electrical capacity. Some very expensive facilities are kept idling throughout the year, so that they can be available the two or three times they are needed. Many could be replaced by a much more efficient alternative. As the hardware in America’s aging electricity infrastructure reaches the end of its expected usefulness, smart technologies have provided a way to extend its’ usefulness. The SmartGrid makes it possible to integrate large amounts of intermittent renewable electricity into the grid.

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Transmission Grid Loss

By Roy L Hales

The world’s transmission lines are believed to have dropped approximately 1.4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity last year. That’s around 1.2 trillion metric tons of CO2 dumped into the atmosphere. Though it is unlikely these loses can be eliminated in the near future, there are ways to reduce them.
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What Does DistribuTECH 2013 Mean To US?

By Roy L Hales

Visitors to DistribuTECH 2013 feasted on a virtual smorgasbord of newly unveiled hardware, software and data processing applications. This is where the Smart company’s come to unveil their latest solutions, as the flurry of newly issued press releases testifies. Tad Simmons took me along, through a skype connection to his cel phone. Continue reading What Does DistribuTECH 2013 Mean To US?