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Red-Tailed Hawk At The Ocotillo Wind Farm

By Roy L Hales

Jim Pelley sent in some photos of a red-tailed hawk at the Ocotillo Wind farm in California. This is not the first raptor sighted in the wind farm, which straddles a migration flyway used by golden eagles.

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California: Are the Windfarms at San Gorgonio Pass “Green”?

Inspired by the Video “Wind Mill Disaster” 

By Roy L Hales

The video “Wind Mill Disaster”  is a visual critique of the Windfarms in San Gorgonio Pass, Riverside County. This is one of the windiest places in Southern California and also one of the state’s largest wind sitings. It is not clear whether “NewWiseGuy”  made this video, or just posted it. The addition of Kermit the Frog singing “Its not easy Being Green” softens the harsh impact of scenes reminiscent of a battlefield.
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A Wind Project without Wind

By Roy L Hales

People have been talking about the Ocotillo Wind Farm’s poor performance almost as long as the project has been online. One of the most devastating critics has been Ocotillo resident Jim Pelley, who documented the scarcity of wind in a long series of videos. The existence of this chronology was revealed when East County Magazine published links to some of the titles between March 5, 2012, and January 23, 2013. Pelley’s videos indicate that this project, in California’s Imperial County, generated little power throughout the year that followed. Documents from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) show he is right.

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