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Clues As To Who Might Win BC’s Election

By Roy L Hales

A little over a month ago, the BC Government delivered its’ preelection budget. It was a cynical exercise in pre-election spin, which resulted in a prompt drop in their standings in the polls. The New Democratic Party (NDP) has been at the top of every poll that Mainstreet Research has conducted since then, but here are three clues as to who will win the BC election.

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The NDP candidate for North Island-Powell River

Roy L Hales
For the past two decades, the majority of British Columbia’s MPs have been Conservatives. Recent polls show that is about to change. The New Democratic Party (NDP) is poised to take over as many as 23 seats in the Federal election this October. One of the important political battles will be fought by Rachel Blaney, the NDP candidate for North Island-Powell River.

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Putting Citizens At Risk

By Roy L Hales

The communities of Ladner and Steveston, as well as parts of Southern Richmond and Northern Delta, could be put at risk. So are people living on Bowen and Anvil Islands, as well as Howe Sound. The people who live or work in these areas, are all within what the US coast Guard defines as the hazard zones of LNG projects for their areas. As Rafe Mair recently put it, neither the Canadian or British Columbian governments “give a fiddlers fart” about putting citizens at risk. Continue reading Putting Citizens At Risk

Can Christy Clark’s Government Be Trusted?

In the wake of the Mount Polley Disaster, the ECOreport asks  can Christy Clark’s Government be trusted? 

Questions arising from the Mount Polley tailings pond breach: 

  • Is BC’s Liberal government in the pockets of industry?
  • Can large corporations be trusted to place public safety ahead of profits?
  • Does the Federal Government have any responsibility for this?
  • Can Christy Clark’s government be trusted? 

“How come no one has to resign?” writes Rafe Mair. “This is a colossal screwup by the government of British Columbia. Is no one to blame? Whatever happened to the notion of ministerial responsibility?”

By Roy L Hales

On August 4,  the Mount Polley Mine tailings pond breached, discharging 4.5 million cubic metres of metals-laden fine sand into the surrounding lakes and rivers. Even as Interior Health lifted the “do not use water advisory” for communities north of where the Quesnel River narrows, questions  of government incompetence are surfacing.

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