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Revisiting Ocotillo

By Roy L Hales

The Ocotillo wind farm went online almost five years ago. Were they not documented in such meticulous detail, some of the  reports coming from the tiny desert community this project surrounds would be difficult to believe.  I once received a constant stream of YouTube videos and reports. It was one of the sites that shaped my perception of the energy sector.  To some extent, I’ve moved on from this story, but I always knew I would be revisiting Ocotillo.
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Has The Wind Farm Brought Asphalt Like Dust To Ocotillo?

By Roy L Hales

Ocotillo residents report that the dust storms, that have been plaguing their town since the neighboring Wind Farm was built, now bring a black or dark dust. This is totally unlike the light tan colored sand of the surrounding desert. The photo at the top of this page was taken in Jim Pelley’s swimming poll the day after the storm of October 9.
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Samsø And Ocotillo: A Study In Developmental Contrasts

By Roy L Hales

Many of us have been inspired by the story of Samsø: a tiny Danish island that utilized renewable technologies to totally eliminate its carbon footprint. It is a model of what a community can accomplish when it works together. I can’t imagine a greater contrast to the industrial scale wind and solar projects going into the deserts of  San Diego and Imperial counties. Samsø’s story is about a group of people working together. The Southern California saga would appear to be about corporate greed. Tax breaks and cash grants of up to 30% of the developmental cost; utilities companies making millions of dollars in profits from the long power lines they string into the desert; a never-ending stream of complaints from the inhabitants whose lives are in the path of this “development.”

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