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Climate Kids Are Suing America

By Roy L Hales

The United States has known that burning fossil fuels destabilizes our climate for over fifty years, but taken few steps to prevent this. Even now, 18 months after President Obama declared “No challenge  poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change,” the nation does not appear to be ready to switch away from a fossil fuel based energy system. According to Our Children’s Trust, this is discriminating against the rights of the very generations who will experience the worst effects of Climate change. So 21 Climate Kids are suing America.

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Will Washington Students Need A Fourth Court Victory?

By Roy L Hales

The state of Washington has a legal obligation to protect its’ citizens from the negative impacts of climate change. Eight Seattle high school students have already established this in court, three times. After their last victory, on May 16, 2016, King County Superior Court Judge Hollis R. Hill ordered the state to adopt “a rule to limit the state’s greenhouse gas emissions in Washington” by the end of the year. After some delay, Washington Department of Ecology “released an updated version of the state’s first-ever rule to cap carbon pollution”  using the same outdated scientific data that prompted the lawsuits. Will Washington students need a fourth court victory?
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