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The Next Big Issue Is Social License

By Roy L Hales

The transition to renewable energy is coming faster than most people realize. The technological advances that make it the adoption of larger amounts of intermittent energy possible are also needed to reinvigorate North America’s aging grid. Though there is still much resistance from corporations and governments with vested interests, the future of the fossil fuel sector lies in finding ways to fit into a more environmentally sensitive economy. The struggle to avoid Climate Change is not over. There are still many battles ahead, but the outcome has been decided. The next big issue is social license.

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The Wind Turbines worked at Ocotillo

By Roy L Hales

The wind turbines at Ocotillo, in Imperial count California,  were spinning for at least part of  Monday. That isn’t news, as they operate at least 15% of the time, but look at the dust in the video below. This project “went online” over 16 months ago and Ocotillo is still being hit by dust storms whenever there is a decent “blow.”
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Hide and Seek at Ocotillo

By Roy L Hales

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The Ocotillo Wind Project may be one of the best documented “renewable projects” in the USA. Workers cannot even pee in the surrounding desert without having to worry about their being filmed by one of the village’s inhabitants. There is good reason for that. Many of villagers moved to Ocotillo because of tranquility. Only the village is surrounded by “public land” and, because of the Obama Administration’s push on renewable energy, they are now surrounded by 438 foot high wind turbines. Most of the time the blades are still, but when the turbines do turn they emit a roar which has been compared to that of a jet airplane. The towers have red lights that blink throughout the night. After the desert was torn up, a plague of dust storms., floods and white foam was unleashed upon the inhabitants. The project went online 15 months ago. Since then, the developer and villagers have engaged in a for of hide and seek at Ocotillo.
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Wind Farm Brings Ocotillo Dust Storms, A Flash Flood, Now Herbicides

By Roy L Hales

The negative stories from Ocotillo continue …It rained for an hour last night. Normally the water would have been evenly distributed across the desert floor, but the project’s access roads channeled the water so that it became a river. You can watch the waters rising, in the video below, until photographer Jim Pelley felt it necessary to leave the area. All traffic on Highway 98 came to a stop.

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Dianne Jacob On Renewable Projects In East County

By Roy L Hales

There has been a great deal of talk about little places like Campo, Boulevard and Ocotillo ever since construction began on the Sunrise Powerlink.  There have been multiple lawsuits as environmentalists, Native Americans and other East County residents have fought to protect their habitat, ancestral lands and homes from the encroaching pace of “development.” As much of this area lies within the East County District represented by County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, I sought her perspective about what is going on.
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