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Coal – America’s Unwanted Energy

The ECOreport looks into the West Coast’s resistance to one of the dirtiest fossil fuels,  Coal – America’s Unwanted Energy

By Roy L Hales

The EPA’s finalization of its carbon regulations and Goldman Sach’s consequent decision to sell its investment in the Gateway Pacific Terminal underline a very important fact. Aside from rooftop solar, whose potential contribution to the world’s energy mix is limited, there are not many clean energy sources in the world.
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The other side of Ivanpah

The other side of Ivanpah: Native American sacred sites violated; Desert habitat destroyed; Environmentalists divided

By Roy L Hales

The construction of large desert solar complexes like Ivanpah was a watershed event. There are questions about the US Government permitting violations of Native American sacred sites. Grassroots environmental groups separated themselves from mainstream organizations like the Sierra Club. An article in the LA Times asked, “At what temperature might a songbird vaporize?” or “What happens if one of the Air Force’s heat-seeking missiles confuses a solar power plant with a military training target?”  There have been many negative stories. Continue reading The other side of Ivanpah