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Extreme Weather Cost US Communities $53 Billion In 2016

The ECOrerport reposts analysis of the damages caused by climate change, extreme weather cost US Communities $53 billion in 2016

Originally Published on Center for American Progress

By Miranda Peterson and Cathleen Kelly

Extreme weather and climate disasters caused a staggering 297 deaths and $53.5 billion in economic damage in the United States in 2016. Of these disasters, 15 cost at least $1 billion and together triggered $49.1 billion in damage across 38 states. Center for American Progress analysis found that the economic toll of the 15 most destructive extreme weather events in 2016 was more than double the cost of similarly catastrophic events in 2015, which totaled $21.5 billion. Damage costs due to these severe weather, flood, wildfire, and drought events include insured and uninsured losses tied to damaged homes, businesses, buildings, cars, energy and transportation infrastructure, and agricultural assets. These damage costs, however, underestimate the total economic consequences of extreme weather: They do not take into account the destruction of natural assets—such as wetlands and parks—health care costs, and the economic impact tied to loss of life.

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