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Can Canada Build More Pipelines? Or LNG Facilities?

By Roy L Hales

In a recent interview with the ECOreport, Simon Fraser University Climate Scientist Dr, Kirsten Zickfeld described Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s idea of fighting climate change while expanding the oil sands and building new pipelines as “delusional.” There is only a finite amount of carbon we can release into the atmosphere and if we hope keep the global temperature rise to 2 degrees C. We are already close to 1.5 degrees and may pass that threshold this year. Even if we do not build any new fossil fuel infrastructure, Canada will exhaust “its’ fair share” of carbon emissions by 2030. These were quite strong statements, so I asked a couple of other scientists – as well as environmentalists, politicians and government spokespersons – Can Canada build more pipelines? Or LNG facilities?
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Bitumen Sinks & Is Almost Impossible to Clean Up

By Roy L Hales

Prior to his election as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau promised that the National Energy Board hearings on the proposed Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion would not go forward. We need a new review process, which both focuses on science and seeks social license in the areas where projects like this are being suggested. That changed after his election. The hearings resumed and, sometime before May 20, the National Energy Board is expected to recommend the Trans Mountain project be approved. If the Prime Minister agrees, there will be a seven-fold increase of diluted bitument coming through the most populated area of British Columbia. In anticipation of the proposed pipeline, the province of British Columbia is drawing up legislation for “world-leading provincial spills regime.” This is the backdrop for the ECOreport’s Monday, April 11, program on CKTZ:   Bitumen sinks and is almost impossible to clean up.

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Canadian Government Will Proceed With Site C

By Roy L Hales

Despite the perceived violation of Treaty #8 and ongoing environmental destruction of the Peace River, Justin Trudeau’s government was evasive when opposition member s of parliament (MPSs) questioned them about the Site C Dam Project this week. Yet while Jim Carr’s non answers were pure spin, Catherine McKenna made it clear the  Canadian Government Will Proceed With Site C.

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When A Government Betrays Its’ People

By Roy L Hales

There is more than one sense in which the recent Canadian election marks the change of a dynasty. The names have changed but, with one exception, up until now the majority of British Columbian representatives sent to parliament have been Conservative since 1974. After 1993, when the Reform party made its’ appearance, they have usually been elected in more than 20 seats. The events that brought about their downfall are so similar to the situation developing in the Pacific NorthWest that they should be studied together. There are repercussions when a government betrays its’ people.

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Can We Trust Justin To Deliver?

By Roy L Hales

The extent of the LIberal victory is not unbelieveable. Once Canadians knew that our choice was either Stephen Harper or Justin Trudeau, most of the votes against the Conservatives were marked Liberals. This was not a choice on Vancouver Island, where the only alternative seemed like the NDP. Yet in the midst of this negativity, the vision of a government that truly represents the will of the people was born. The Liberals were able to sieze hold of this. Can We Trust Justin To Deliver?

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