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HERO PACE’s Fastest Growing Market Is LA

By Roy L Hales

Eric Garcetti has long been an advocate of clean energy. During his many years as a city counsellor, he wrote Los Angeles’ green building ordinance.  As mayor, Garcetti promised to create 20,000 clean energy and clean water sector jobs during his first term (2013-2017). In April 2015, he launched the city’s new sustainability plan (the “pLAn”) to reduce city-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2025, and become the first major US city to achieve zero-waste. Thus it is not surprising to find that LA is HERO PACE’s fastest growing market.

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Cities Transitioning To A Fossil Fuel Free Economy

By Roy L Hales

After 23 years of attempting to bring about change on the state and national levels, Daphne Wysham came to the conclusion that the last bastion of hope in the fight against the fossil fuel industry was at the local level. America’s mayors and city councils are much more accountable for health and safety of their constituents. She focused her attention on the Pacific Northwest, where there are currently 27 proposed coal, oil and gas by rail projects. This initially brought her into conflict with Portland Mayor Charles Hales, who subsequently became an apostle for cities transitioning to a fossil fuel free economy.

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Commercial Scale Solar Has Come To LA’s Eastside

By Roy L Hales

Since the Clean LA program was launched in 2013, fourteen projects, with a total of 7.1 MW of rooftop solar capacity, have been connected to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s grid. More than 2,000 people have been employed and an estimated 2.7 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions have been displaced from the environment. There are another 28 projects, with 11.25 MW of capacity, under construction. The most recent addition occurred yesterday when Los Angeles City Councilmember José Huizar ‘flipped the switch’ on a 300 kilowatt installation on the Angelus Grand commercial plaza in Boyle Heights. Commercial scale solar has come to LA’s Eastside.

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Los Angeles’ Solar Promise

Los Angeles’ Solar Promise: A new Report Shows how to Harness LA’s FIT to Create Jobs and Build Social Equity

By Roy L Hales

Los Angeles has the potential to become the largest per capita provider of rooftop solar in California. Over 40% of the areas where solar could be installed are also in need of significant socioeconomic and environmental investment. A new report from the LABC Institute discusses how this can be done.
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LA’s Fit Program Is Now Online; What About San Diego?

By Roy L Hales

While he was campaigning for office, Mayor Filner suggested that San Diego could be powered by solar panels on the city’s rooftops and parking lots. This was to be an alternative to the “environmentally damaging” power lines going into East County. More recently, $2.8 million was set aside as a funding source in the 2014 budget. As we await further revelation, a similar, albeit slightly less ambitious, program has been unfolding to the north.
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