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Trump Administration Needs To Be Watched

The ECOreport reposts an OP-ED by a former senior analyst from the DOE, the Trump administration needs to be watched

Originally Published in the Fairfax Times

By Dr. Allan Hoffman

I voted for Hillary Clinton to become our next President because I thought she was a better choice than Donald Trump in temperament, experience, and policy. I also thought it was time to have a female president. I did this despite two serious misgivings about Clinton, her handling of the health insurance issue in the early days of her husband’s first term as President, and her failure to respond adequately to the seriousness of her decision to use a private email server while serving as Secretary of State. As a former government official I understand how frustrating dealing with the security systems in government can be, but poor judgements were made by Clinton and her staff, all of whom should have known better. Nevertheless, I was strongly offended by many of Trump’s statements during the Republican primary race and the general election, and saw no way to vote for a man I considered an uninformed and arrogant demagogue.

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Republican Party Implosion

The ECOreports an OP-Ed on the Republican Party Implosion

Originally Published on Clean Technica

By Zach Shahan

I’m not a political scholar who has been studying the matter for decades at Harvard. (Though, I do like to occasionally play one on TV the internet.) I’m definitely not proclaiming this to be a definitive story on the deep origins of the Republican Party’s current implosion (or explosion, depending on how you interpret the show). In fact, I’m guessing there are numerous origins, and each one could probably warrant a book or series of books. But I think there are some interesting factors at play that I wanted to highlight, because they do relate in indirect but critical ways to climate change and cleantech.

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