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Sauder Predicts 3 Green Seats

By Roy L Hales

A second British Columbian “poll” suggests more Green MP’s might be accompanying Elizabeth May back to Ottawa. UBC’s Sauder School of Business Prediction Markets‘ system is more akin to the stock market than regular polls, but has proven to be surprisingly accurate in the past. As of October 13, Sauder’s market predicts 3 Green Seats.

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How the 2015 Election Will Change Canada

By Roy L Hales

Future generations will probably look upon this upcoming election as a turning point in our nation’s history. Prior to the advent of Stephen Harper, few Canadians realized the degree to which our country is an elected dictatorship. With the support of a mere 39% of the population, the Prime Minister can rip up carefully prepared environmental legislation and trample on the rights of major cities like Vancouver and Burnaby. Observing the extent to which Harper’s Conservatives are attempting to transform Canada into a Petro-state, some may ask if they are simply corporate shills. History will undoubtedly be kinder, as their true motivations come to light.  It is never-the-less time to examine how the 2015 election will change Canada.  Continue reading How the 2015 Election Will Change Canada

The Potential For A Four Way Race

By Roy L Hales

While it is not surprising to find Canada’s three major parties virtually tied, this week’s Nanos poll showed an often overlooked trend. When respondents ranked their “two current local preferences,” the Green party scored 27.7%. They have been consistently receiving 25% to 30% ratings for a year. It is easy to see why Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair do not want Elizabeth May to take part in leadership debates. There is potential for a four way race.

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