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Canada Approved Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline Expansion

By Roy L Hales

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley applauded the Prime Minister’s “extraordinary leadership.” Peter McCartney of the Wilderness Committee calls it “a betrayal of promises made in the last election to act on science, gain public approval and respect Indigenous rights.” There are already 7 legal challenges of this project underway, and more will follow. The government of Canada approved Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion, “subject to 157 binding conditions.”

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Trudeau Selling Canada Out

The ECOreport looks at the approval of Pacific Northwest LNG and concludes this is another example of Trudeau Sellling Canada Out

By Roy L Hales

Even Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, was critical of the government’s approval of Lelu Island.  Environment reporter Margo McDermid called the Pacific Northwest LNG project the “first real test of the Liberal’s approach to the environment and energy.” Her colleague, Chris Hall, added that approving this project “is going to put an enormous amount of pressure on Justin Trudeau to explain how approving a project that will generate millions of tons in greenhouse gas emissions can also help them meet (the) climate change targets they agreed to in Paris.”1 Few doubt that Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister started out with good intentions. The Globe and Mail recently called Trudeau’s attempt to please environmental groups and the fossil fuel sector “mission impossible.” For many environmentalists, the honeymoon lasted for around three months. This is just the latest example of what many perceive as Trudeau selling Canada out.

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  1. The National, January 27, 2016

A Pivotal Time In Canada’s Clean Energy Transition

By Roy L Hales

Canada is at a crossroads. Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr suggests our reliance on fossil fuels will soon be a memory. The future lies with renewables.  There are numerous challenges to be overcome. Yet the latest instalment of Tracking the Energy Revolution states this is a pivotal time in Canada’s clean energy transition.

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Vancouver Talking Pipelines With Trudeau

By Roy L Hales

With Alberta’s economy stalling,  Premier Rachel Notley “needs” a pipeline to transport diluted bitumen from the oil sand to export terminals on the coast. She is “interested in both the proposed expansion of Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain line,” through British Columbia’s most populated area, and an Energy East pipeline to the Atlantic Coast.” According to Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, her pitch to the federal cabinet members on retreat in Banff received a standing ovation. Only the proposed Trans Mountain expansion is not popular in B.C. and now there is news of Vancouver talking pipelines with Trudeau.
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What Does Canada’s New Budget Say About The Environment?

By Roy L Hales

The environmental community has been watching Justin Trudeau’s Liberals closely, to see how they live up to their promise to give Canada a low carbon, climate resistant economy. The new government’s performance at COP 21 was nothing less than stellar. While the Federal government’s meeting with the province’s in Vancouver failed to achieve much beyond an agreement that carbon will be priced, the herd is now moving. News from the  environmental assessment front is less encouraging: the National energy Board’s flawed Trans Mountain Pipline Expansion hearings are continuing and Catherine McKenna appears to have just rubber stamped the Woodfibre LNG project. So what does Canada’s new Budget say about the environment?
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