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Possible Invasion Of Unist’ot’en Camp

By Roy L Hales

The Unist’ot’en’s threat, to corporate interests, started in 2009, when they erected a “soft blockade” to prevent seven proposed pipelines from crossing their unceded traditional territory. This conflict has escalated. Earlier this month five Unist’ot’en chiefs signed a declaration stating they were, “Exercising our unbroken, unextinguished and unceded right to govern and occupy these lands, the Unist’ot’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation have enacted the Unist’ot’en Declaration as official statement and law governing Unist’ot’en territory… ” Now there are rumours that police officers have booked rooms in Smithers and Burns Lake in preparation for a possible invasion of Unist’ot’en Camp.

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An inspiration for First Nations: Journey of Nishiyuu

By Sarah Hales-Reid

After over two months and 1600 kilometres (approx. 994 miles) of walking, the journey of Nishiyuu  – a Cree word meaning “the people” – reached Canada’s Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, on Monday, March 25. That same day, Bernard Valcourt, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, formally welcomed eight First Nation communities into Canada’s First Nations Land Management regime. Co-incidence? or a recognition that Canada must satisfy some of the growing demands of its aboriginal peoples.
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The Fast that Inspired Idle No More is Over

By Roy L Hales

Chief Theresa Spence and elder Raymond Robinson did not start the “Idle No More” movement, which is so closely associated with their names. It began as a reaction to the Harper Government’s Bills C-38 and C-45 which, according to the Canadian Awareness network, made it easier for the Canadian government to control reserve land and reduce the environmental protection of millions of lakes and rivers. Chief Theresa Spence came to the forefront on December 11, when she pitched a tipi in the nation’s capital. Spence and Robinson remained there for 44 days. Now, the fast that Inspired Idle no more is over.
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Global Day of Action, Solidarity & Resurgence

By Sarah Hales-Reid

With drums, round dance and prayers supporters of the ”Idle No More” movement met in Downtown San Diego, on January 1, in a demonstration of solidarity with the movement that has spread across North America and beyond. According to the San Diego Free Press about 75-100 people attended and, “It was a good, multicultural, cross section of San Diego humanity. All coming together to respect Native treaties, rights and ways.”(01/07/2013) Indigenous peoples, environmentalists and allies alike have been organizing flash mobs, peaceful protests and dance circles.
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