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America’s Next Fossil Fuel Superhighway

Part One: Coal

By Roy L Hales

Two years ago, there were 6 proposed coal port terminals in the Pacific Northwest. That was when Governors Jay Inslee of Washington and John Kitzhaber of Oregon issued a joint statement opposing, “the decisions to continue and expand coal leasing from federal lands and authorize the export of that coal are likely to lead to long-term investments in coal generation in Asia, with air quality and climate impacts in the United States that dwarf almost any other action the federal government could take in the foreseeable future.” Only 2 of those 6 coal projects are still under consideration. Millennium Bulk Terminals is one of seven proposed facilities that could transform the Columbia River into America’s next fossil fuel superhighway.
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The Production Tax Credit is a Modern Day Gordian Knot

By Roy L Hales

The “Tea Party” has been holding back approval of an $85 billion tax package since December, because it includes a $13 billion production tax credit (PTC) for wind energy. They claim that after “tens of billions of tax-payer dollars,” it is time to end “this sweetheart deal.” That’s an interesting sentiment, coming from people who apparently have no objection to letting oil producers continue to use “tens of billions of tax-payer dollars” every year. A broad spectrum of business leaders, and the governors of at least four states, are concerned about the impact delaying the PTC has had, and is having, on their economies. There is also opposition to wind farms from some environmentalists and many of the communities where they have been installed. The Production Tax Credit is a modern day Gordian knot.

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Canada’s Climate Inaction is a Harsh Contrast to US Actions

By Roy L Hales

It wasn’t so long ago that Prime Minister Stephen Harper referred to the oil sands “ethical oil” as a very important source of economic growth. Given the Canada’s renewable energies sector came into being during his watch and the government spent more research and development money on them than any other sector during 2012, it could be said Harper is pursuing his own “all of the above” program. The comparison ends with industry. Harper has not seriously addressed Canadian emissions. While international attention has focused on Alberta’s oil sands, BC’s government is hoping to harvest a trillion dollar economy by pursuing natural gas, coal and tar sands crude interests. Canada’s climate inaction is a harsh contrast to US actions.
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EPA Released Proposed Guidelines For Power Plant Emissions

By Roy L Hales

Though there are limits to for the amounts of some chemicals that power plants can emit, the US currently has no national limits as to the amount of carbon. President Obama’s administration intends to change that. Today EPA  released proposed guidelines to cut carbon from existing power plants.
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Coal – America’s Unwanted Energy

The ECOreport looks into the West Coast’s resistance to one of the dirtiest fossil fuels,  Coal – America’s Unwanted Energy

By Roy L Hales

The EPA’s finalization of its carbon regulations and Goldman Sach’s consequent decision to sell its investment in the Gateway Pacific Terminal underline a very important fact. Aside from rooftop solar, whose potential contribution to the world’s energy mix is limited, there are not many clean energy sources in the world.
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