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Christy Clark’s Liberals Attack Vancouver’s Attempt To Limit Emissions

By Roy L Hales

The future of Vancouver’s new Green Building Rezoning Policy is already uncertain. As of this morning, there is an emissions cap on all new construction and buildings applying for rezoning. There are several ways developers “can meet the energy efficiency and emissions targets (50 per cent decrease in GHGs).” They can use “better insulation, thicker windows, and better design, as well as opting for renewable energy.” However the largest cause of the city’s emissions is natural gas and so  Premier Christy Clark’s Liberals attack Vancouver’s attempt to limit emissions.

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How BC Can Finance Home Energy Improvements

By Roy L Hales

British Columbia doesn’t have anything like the PACE program, which allows Californians to finance solar panels, energy-saving windows, and other energy efficiency projects through their property taxes. A new study from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), at the University of Victoria, shows that on-bill financing (OBF) performed the same way in Manitoba, the United States and the United Kingdom.The new PICS white paper—Cheaper Power Bills, More Jobs, Less CO2—explores how BC can finance home energy improvements.

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Putting Citizens At Risk

By Roy L Hales

The communities of Ladner and Steveston, as well as parts of Southern Richmond and Northern Delta, could be put at risk. So are people living on Bowen and Anvil Islands, as well as Howe Sound. The people who live or work in these areas, are all within what the US coast Guard defines as the hazard zones of LNG projects for their areas. As Rafe Mair recently put it, neither the Canadian or British Columbian governments “give a fiddlers fart” about putting citizens at risk. Continue reading Putting Citizens At Risk