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The Battle Against BC’s Pipelines Continues

By Roy L Hales

Prior to the election, Justin Trudeau made many promises. He was going to stop the Northern Gateway pipeline project. He was going to  redo the National Energy Board (NEB) process and that “applies to existing projects.” The NEB will not make a decision on Kinder Morgan’s controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion early in 2016. Kinder Morgan will have to go through a new process, which will require obtaining support from communities and First Nations. Trudeau was elected over a week ago. The battle against BC’s pipelines continues.

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Most Albertans Want Cleaner Energy

By Roy L Hales

Alberta is Stephen Harper’s home province, home to the oil sands and uses more coal fired electricity than all the rest of Canada combined. With oil prices dropping to $40 a barrel, people in Calgary and Fort McMurray are losing their jobs. This is not where one would expect much support for renewable energy, but a new poll from EKOS Research discovered most Albertans want cleaner energy.

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