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Why Do the Liberals Push Site C?

Given that we do not need the energy, the environmental damages are enormous and we appear to be breaking a treaty, the ECOreport asks: “Why Do the Liberals Push Site C?”

(Originally Published Feb 28, additional information added under “SNC Lavalin” on March 5, 2015)

By Roy L Hales

According to a recent report from the University of British Columbia, “Site C has more significant adverse environmental effects than any project ever reviewed under the history of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, including impacts on dozens of species, aquatics, vegetation, wildlife, Aboriginal use of lands and resources, and cultural heritage.” The British Columbian and Canadian governments are most likely breaking treaty #8, which gave local first nations usage of the land that will be submerged. BC Hydro has not properly evaluated less destructive, and far less expensive, alternatives like geothermal energy.  We won’t need the power for decades, if ever. Yet retiring Energy Minister Bill Bennett says “Site C is probably the most important thing” he has been associated with and Premier Christy Clark vows to push this project beyond the point where a future government could reverse her decision. So why do the Liberals push Site C?

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Five Negative Impacts From Brexit

The ECOreport reposts an OP-ED about energy & climate consequences: Five Negative Impacts From Brexit

Originally Published on Greenpeace Energydesk

By Emma Howard

Leaving the European Union would enable the country to take back control, they said. But it seems like nobody is in control this morning, as every sector of the economy rapidly looks to analyse what it means for them. From the Paris agreement to energy security, here’s five ways the referendum result will likely impact on energy and climate change.

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Firms Suing Obama To Stop Climate Policy

A Greenpeace Energydesk investigation reveals that Ernst & Young  and the US branch of PricewaterhouseCoopers are among the Firms suing Obama to stop climate policy

Originally Published on Energydesk

By Zachary Davies Boren

Two of the world’s largest accounting firms are members of a lobby group that is taking legal action against the Obama administration’s signature climate change policy, Energydesk can reveal.
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Can You Frack AND Fight Climate Change?

Though the Energydesk is writing the UK, many of the arguments are  equally applicable in both Canada and the United States. Can You Frack AND Fight Climate Change?

Originally Published on Greenpeace’s Energydesk

By Christine Ottery

One of the arguments around shale gas extraction in the UK has been about whether or not it is compatible with the UK’s aim of preventing catastrophic climate change by limiting emissions from fossil fuels.

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Canada Could Be A Clean Energy Superpower

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMThe clean energy sector employs more people than the oil sands and  the workforce grew another 14% last year. According to Clean Energy Canada’s latest Tracking the Energy Revolution, this sector attracted almost twice the investors than the fishing, forestry and agriculture sectors combined. They did not mention the sources of this money, but last year’s report showed 4 of the top 5 investment firms were German or Japanese. Foreign nations recognize the potential that the Harper administration has failed to perceive.  Canada could be a clean energy superpower.
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Winner & Losers In the UK Renewable Crackdown

The losers in another round of renewable subsidy cuts are medium to large solar farms. Where is this going? Who are the Winner & Losers in the UK Renewable Crackdown?

Originally Published on Greenpeace Energy Desk

By Damian Kahya

The move to cut UK subsidies to solar farms can be seen as a fairly simple, political, story.

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Does Ernst & Young’s LNG Report Vindicate BC?

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1There are credible experts who believe that, with proper regulation and enforcement, it is possible to have a trustworthy fracking industry. They also say this does not yet exist in North America. Personally, I think the industry is out of control and BC’s government is desperate to get in bed with it. Last week the government released a report from Ernst & Young (EY) which the Minister of Natural Gas Development says “British Columbians can have confidence they are benefiting from a clean, well regulated natural gas industry.” Does Ernst & Young’s LNG report vindicate BC?

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Opportunities to Limit GHG from BC’s Proposed LNG Industry

The Introduction from Pembina’s Report “From Wellhead to Waterline” plus the Associated Infogram

By Matt Horne & Adam Groehner, Pembina Institute

British Columbia is attracting and promoting extensive liquefied natural gas (LNG) development, including the shale gas extraction and processing needed to produce the LNG. Its 2012 LNG strategy targets three export terminals in operation by 2020.1 More recently, the province has published revenue and jobs estimates for LNG development that would require five to seven plants to be in operation on a similar timeline. 2,3
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