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Enough: Change The System Itself!

Article originally published on Greenpeace International; Audio/edited recorded by Cortes Radio.

By Rex Weyler

Why are global politics so dysfunctional that the UN climate meeting requires a 15-year-old Swedish grade school student to speak the truth? Why does a coalition of youth, outside the COP 24 climate meeting articulate a more comprehensive action plan than the delegates inside the meeting?

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Time to get the Record about Germany’s Emissions Straight

World GHG Emissions are 61% over 1990 levels; Germany’s are 23% below

Originally Published on Clean Technica

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1Maybe you remember the headlines about 2013. Merkel’s Green shift backfires as German pollution jumps“; “Germany now EU’s worst polluter as CO2 emissions rise.” It was the third year in a row CO2 levels rose. The critics howled that Energiewende was failing, but is that true? It’s time to get the record about Germany’s emissions straight

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US GHG Emissions Dropping

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released its  2012-2013 emissions report which shows shows US GHG Emissions Dropping.

There has been a 10% dip below 2005 levels, which the EPA is largely crediting to the increased usage of natural gas.
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