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Unveiling the Scoot Mobility Operating System

By Roy L Hales

Compared to the 10 million miles that the city’s vehicles travel every day, Scoot’s penetration into the San Francisco market is still relatively small. The 800 vehicles in their shared light electric vehicle (LEV) fleet have covered 2 million miles since 2012. CEO Michael Keating admits that, even combining their statistics with those of Zipcar, Bay Area Bikeshare, and Uber, you would probably not reach 5% of the total volume.1 But the market is growing fast. Scoot’s LEVs produce about 2% of the average car’s emissions and are an attractive alternative to get around on the world’s traffic congested streets. Keating is looking expand into cities like Paris, Rome and Madrid in the EU. So, in partnership with providers like Renault-Nissan, Mahindra, Govecs, and Emco-Elektroroller, Scoot is unveiling the the Scoot Mobility Operating System (MOS).

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  1. email from  Michael Keating, CEO of Scoot