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Good News About BC’s Fishing Runs

By Roy L Hales

Aside from the incredible run of 2010, reports of the Fraser River’s sockeye salmon tend to be glum. I believe there is only one Cortes Island based fisherman still working the Johnston strait and recently learned this is the second year he did not receive an opening to fish sockeye.1 Though the culprits were last year’s drought and a culvert (close to my home), most of the chum returning to Basil Creek in 2015 were killed before they could spawn. These were just a few of the stories that prompted me to seek out evidences of the impending demise of what was previously one of our province’s leading industries. Instead, I found good news about BC’s fishing runs.

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Show 1 footnote

  1. Roy L Hales interview with Thea Block, daughter of said fisherman

Preparing Renewable Sites For El Nino

By Roy L Hales

The last four years of drought have left many Californian renewable site unprepared for the return of wet weather. Dry lake beds, which can be vulnerable to flooding once the rains come, are often used for renewable sites. Wind turbines are built into terraces on mountain passes, that are vulnerable to erosion. According to Harvey Stephens, Vice President of Operations at World Wind & Solar, there are ways of preparing renewable sites for El Nino and other weather events.

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HERO Is One Of California’s Better Stories

By Roy L Hales

Since it started up in 2011, The HERO Property Assessed Clean Energy (HERO PACE) Program completed more than 50,000 residential projects. That may not seem like much, in a state whose 39 million inhabitants are still hoping to see the end of the worst drought in their recorded history, but HERO is one of California’s better stories.

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