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Burnaby’s Mayor Compares BC To a Banana Republic

By Roy L Hales

The coal terminals in BC’s Lower Mainland are being enlarged to handle a great deal more cargo. The capacity of Neptune Terminals, in North Vancouver, has doubled. Westshore Terminals, in Delta, has applied to make a $230 million “upgrade.” It has yet to be seen if a new coal terminal will go in at Fraser Surrey Docks. Just before Burnaby’s council passed a resolution showing their opposition to the proposal, Mayor Derek Corrigan commented that BC is turning into a Banana Republic.
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Coal – America’s Unwanted Energy

The ECOreport looks into the West Coast’s resistance to one of the dirtiest fossil fuels,  Coal – America’s Unwanted Energy

By Roy L Hales

The EPA’s finalization of its carbon regulations and Goldman Sach’s consequent decision to sell its investment in the Gateway Pacific Terminal underline a very important fact. Aside from rooftop solar, whose potential contribution to the world’s energy mix is limited, there are not many clean energy sources in the world.
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