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The Ministry’s Answers

By Roy L Hales

One June 8, Sierra Club BC released their report  BC forest wake-up call.  I responded by requesting an interview with Jens Wieting, of the Sierra Club, and shooting off a list of questions to the Ministry of Forests. As I published my interview with Wieting yesterday, it seems appropriate to publish the Ministry’s answers as a Q&A today.

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BC’s Forests Produced 256 Million Tonnes of CO2

By Roy L Hales

British Columbia could be emissions free. The province’s forest cover is vast enough to absorb more carbon than we actually need to use. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Forests has not been doing a good job since the Liberal Government took power. Instead of storing carbon, BC’s forests now emit carbon. So many trees have been clear cut, infested by Mountain Pine Beetles or burned in forest fires, that BC’s forests produced 256 million tonnes of CO2 in the decade following 2003.

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Climate Change Is Here And Getting Worse

By Roy L Hales

The time for talking about rising global temperatures as a future threat is over. According to the  most recent National Climate Assessment, Climate Change is here and getting worse.
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The Global Warming Debate – If There Still Is One?

By Roy L Hales

I never paid much attention to the “debate” over climate warming. I found Professor Bob Carter’s video “Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause?” intriguing, but not enough to overcome the impression that I have been both forming and hearing others talk about. There were more extreme weather events during the last decade than at any previous time in my life. This morning I came across another body of evidence that challenges the perception that our planet’s climate is changing. The chart you see at the top of this page is one of many that you will find at http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2013/06/global-warming-in-a-few-slides.php It is part of a power point presentation made by Dr John Christy, a climate scientist at the University of Alabama. Continue reading The Global Warming Debate – If There Still Is One?

May 18: Hands across the Sand

By Roy L Hales

At 12:00 pm on Saturday, May 18, people around the world will join hands on beaches and in cities for the second annual “Hands Across The Sand” to oppose expanded offshore drilling and call for clean energy solutions for a sustainable planet. Continue reading May 18: Hands across the Sand