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BC’s Fossil Fuel Dreams May Be Over

By Roy L Hales

The final outcome of British Columbia’s election will not be known until absentee ballots are counted. Premier Christy Clark currently leads, with 43 seats as opposed to the NDP’s 41 and the Green party’s 3. Unless these results change, BC’s Fossil Fuel Dreams May Be Over.

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70% Of Canadians Want A Clean Energy Transition ASAP

By Roy L Hales

Though  Donald Trump’s election casts a long shadow on energy matters, a new poll finds that it is making little impact on public opinion north of the border. Only 17% of the respondents think Canada should follow Trump’s lead and  stick with fossil fuels. “If anything, this survey suggests that the new U.S. leader’s position actually makes Canadians more inclined to support clean energy here at home,” said Merran Smith, Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada. They perceive the future in terms of a low carbon economy and 70% of Canadians want a clean energy transition asap.

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British Columbia Is Sabotaging Canada’s Climate Actions

By Roy L Hales

British Columbia introduced its’ carbon tax on July 1, 2008. Though Premier Christy Clark’s only contribution was to freeze the rates in 2012, her government portrays itself as a climate leader. Most recently, our province received one of 13 ‘Momentum for Change’ awards handed out at COP 22. A new report shows that, far from being a climate leader, British Columbia is sabotaging Canada’s climate actions.

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Poll Finds Canadians Expect Federal Action Against Emissions

By Roy L Hales

What do the people of Canada think? The oil rich provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan want to build more pipelines to carry diluted bitumen from the oil sands. The Liberal government of British Columbia dreams of  developing a “trillion dollar” LNG opportunity. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be appeasing them, in return for provincial support for a national plan to curb Canada’s C02 emissions. The goal is to reduce our emissions to 30% below the 2005 level by 2030, but the concessions inherit in Trudeau’s collaborative approach could subvert any attempt to tackle climate change. A new poll finds Canadians expect Federan action against emissions.
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Trudeau Selling Canada Out

The ECOreport looks at the approval of Pacific Northwest LNG and concludes this is another example of Trudeau Sellling Canada Out

By Roy L Hales

Even Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, was critical of the government’s approval of Lelu Island.  Environment reporter Margo McDermid called the Pacific Northwest LNG project the “first real test of the Liberal’s approach to the environment and energy.” Her colleague, Chris Hall, added that approving this project “is going to put an enormous amount of pressure on Justin Trudeau to explain how approving a project that will generate millions of tons in greenhouse gas emissions can also help them meet (the) climate change targets they agreed to in Paris.”1 Few doubt that Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister started out with good intentions. The Globe and Mail recently called Trudeau’s attempt to please environmental groups and the fossil fuel sector “mission impossible.” For many environmentalists, the honeymoon lasted for around three months. This is just the latest example of what many perceive as Trudeau selling Canada out.

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