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What Does The NDP-Green Agreement Mean?

By Roy L Hales

Though still nominally premier, Christy Clark knows her government’s days are numbered. If she doesn’t resign, the BC Liberals will be toppled by a non confidence motion when the provincial legislature reassembles in June. Clark intends to continue as Leader of the Opposition. So what does the NDP-Green agreement mean for British Columbians?
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Green Candidate Sue Moen Talks Policy

By Roy L Hales

The Green party’s support has grown in the month since I met with Sue Moen at Heriot Bay. In Mainstreet Research’s most recent poll, 24% of the people watching the televised debate were leaning towards, or had decided upon, the Green party. Half of the viewers had a “favourable” opinion of Andrew Weaver and had an unfavourable opinion of the two other leaders. So what would it mean if the next government needs the green party’s support to stay in power? In the podcast below, Green candidate Sue Moen talks policy.

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Asking A Liberal Candidate Tough Questions

By Roy L Hales

One of the principle movers behind the agreement to save the Great Bear Rainforest is running as a Liberal candidate in North Island riding. Dallas Smith hopes to bring more local accountability into the political process. There is not enough time to broadcast the entirety of our interview. Aside from a short exchange about Site C, last week’s broadcast was essentially a puff piece. In this segment, I am asking a Liberal candidate tough questions.

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Conversation With Claire Trevena, MLA for North Island

By Roy L Hales

With British Columbia’s provincial election approaching, I decided to interview the candidates in my riding. Dallas Smith, who is attempting to capture this seat for the BC Liberals, has yet to respond to my emails. Green candidate Sue Moen and I will be talking soon. My conversation with Claire Trevena, MLA for Island North, took place on a bench overlooking the wharves at Heriot Bay, on Quadra Island.
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Christy’s Classroom

The ECOreport interviews organizer Renay Maurice about the protest against BC’s diminishing education system: Christy’s Classroom

Why is there so much conflict between BC’s Teachers and the provincial government? An Interview with Renay Maurice, who organized the protest known as “Christy’s Classroom” (named after  Premier Christy Clark) on the front lawn of the provincial legislature.
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