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The Canadian Government Is Already Damaging BC

By Roy L Hales

The crux of Canada’s climate dilemma was recently played out at the Broadbent Institute’s annual Progress Summit. It was a refreshing debate in that, despite their very different perspectives, all three speakers appeared to speak what was really on their minds. Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips is understandably distressed about the her province’s growing unemployment and $10 billion in lost oil revenues. Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer is opposed to the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion because it is “way too much risk, no benefit (for Vancouver), on a planet that is dying because we are burning fossil fuels.” Canada’s Environment Minister does not want to do anything that would cause “tons of people to lose jobs.” But do Phillips and McKenna realize that the Canadian government is already damaging BC by not taking action.

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Lelu Island Could Become Canada’s Largest Carbon Polluter

By Roy L Hales

One of the smartest things Premier Christy Clark’s government has done was ask Matt Horne, of the Pembina Institute, to join BC’s Climate Leadership Team last year. The credibility they gained from that single act opened the door to new possibilities. Unfortunately that door appears to have shut . Premier Clark chose to ignore the suggestions made by her Climate Leadership Team. Yesterday  Horne has released a statement that the proposed LNG facility on Lelu Island could become Canada’s largest carbon polluter.

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Lelu Island Will More Than Double Canada’s LNG Emissions

By Roy L Hales

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s (CEAA) draft report on Petrona’s proposed Lelu island terminal, at the mouth of BC’s Skeena river,  states that, ” … if the Project were to proceed, it would be amongst the largest single point sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the country.” Lelu Island will more than double Canada’s LNG emissions.

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Trudeau Has Yet To Intervene On Site C

By Roy L Hales

There has been marked opposition to the proposed Site C dam since the B.C. Public Utilities Commission turned this Peace River project down more than thirty years ago. Dr. Harry Swain, former Chair of the Site C Joint Review Panel, and Richard Bullock, former Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), have become some of the project’s most outspoken critics. Peace Valley Landowner Association President Ken Boon recently informed Canada’s new government of this, when he asked for their help, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has yet to intervene on Site C .

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Putting Citizens At Risk

By Roy L Hales

The communities of Ladner and Steveston, as well as parts of Southern Richmond and Northern Delta, could be put at risk. So are people living on Bowen and Anvil Islands, as well as Howe Sound. The people who live or work in these areas, are all within what the US coast Guard defines as the hazard zones of LNG projects for their areas. As Rafe Mair recently put it, neither the Canadian or British Columbian governments “give a fiddlers fart” about putting citizens at risk. Continue reading Putting Citizens At Risk