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When A Government Betrays Its’ People

By Roy L Hales

There is more than one sense in which the recent Canadian election marks the change of a dynasty. The names have changed but, with one exception, up until now the majority of British Columbian representatives sent to parliament have been Conservative since 1974. After 1993, when the Reform party made its’ appearance, they have usually been elected in more than 20 seats. The events that brought about their downfall are so similar to the situation developing in the Pacific NorthWest that they should be studied together. There are repercussions when a government betrays its’ people.

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How Woodfibre LNG Illustrates What This Election Is About

By Roy L Hales

It has been a year since Propeller Strategy drew up a declaration opposing the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant and LNG tanker traffic in Howe Sound. The key phrase is “I reject the proposed project until government and industry can provide clear information, science and assurance that I can trust, along with a meaningful, citizen-based, decision-making process.” The picture at the top of this page illustrates one of the key issues. LNG tankers would be p[ass at is a public beach. This project ignores the recommended distances between the tanker and shore, set out by the industry’s own organization, the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO). Propeller Strategy has been questioning the candidates through-out this election and their most recent survey shows how Woodfibre LNG illustrates what this election is about.

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How the 2015 Election Will Change Canada

By Roy L Hales

Future generations will probably look upon this upcoming election as a turning point in our nation’s history. Prior to the advent of Stephen Harper, few Canadians realized the degree to which our country is an elected dictatorship. With the support of a mere 39% of the population, the Prime Minister can rip up carefully prepared environmental legislation and trample on the rights of major cities like Vancouver and Burnaby. Observing the extent to which Harper’s Conservatives are attempting to transform Canada into a Petro-state, some may ask if they are simply corporate shills. History will undoubtedly be kinder, as their true motivations come to light.  It is never-the-less time to examine how the 2015 election will change Canada.  Continue reading How the 2015 Election Will Change Canada

Chilliwack releases Take Back this Land

By Bill Warriner & Roy L Hales

Most of us remember them from the 1970’s and 80’s when, according to Rolling Stone, “At their best, Chilliwack was the finest Canadian rock band, outrocking BTO and outwriting Burton Cummings…” Though the band has gone through several changes of membership, lead singer Bill Henderson remains. The following song is a cry for action in the 2015 election. Together the Henderson girls, Chilliwack releases Take Back this Land.

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