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San Diego’s Solar Community Responds To SDG&E

By Roy L Hales

There were about 150 of them, chanting “We will fight corporate greed.” “how do you spell corporate greed?: SDG&E” and “Solar Power is What We need.”  Some wore t-shirts boasting of affiliations to environmental groups like the Sierra Club or San Diego 350.org. Others were from local installers like Sullivan Solar Power, Stellar Solar, or SolarCity.  The  principal speaker was County Supervisor Dianne Jacob,  who has long championed rooftop solar. They were outside San Diego Gas & Electric’s corporate headquarters, in response to the utility’s appeal of the California Public Utilities Commission’s decision to leave the current Net Energy Metering (NEM) program in place. The San Diego Solar Community responds to SDG&E.

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BC’s fire situation appears to be improving

By Roy Hales

Though the number of active wildfires increased to 240, of which 17 are classified as “active fires of note,”the province was no longer covered by smoke. Port Hardy’s evacuation order has been rescinded. There was rain in some of the most critical areas last night and today. Aside from Whistler, which is still “5” (moderate), the province’s Air Quality Health Index has dropped to 2’s and 3’s. BC’s fire situation appears to be improving.

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The Fires – Is This Climate Change?

The ECOreport looks at the drought and wildfires, now stretching from California to Alaska,  and asks: the fires – Is this Climate Change?

By Roy L Hales

Across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Victoria, a brownish haze clings to the Olympic Peninsula’s shore.  There are reports of ash raining from the sky in Vancouver, Salt Spring Island and Nanaimo.  The sun was a reddish-brown color in Qualicum Beach. There are severe wildfires along the West Coast, from Alaska to California. There may be more than drought behind the fires: Is this Climate Change?

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