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Jim Wiegand’s Cheeseburgers & the Wind Industry

By Roy L Hales

 It took the two ravens in this film 18 minutes to discover the 20 burgers and only slightly longer to carry them away. The point being that most of the birds killed by wind turbines weigh less than a cheeseburger. Do we really expect bird carcases to lay undisturbed long enough to be counted in what are often monthly surveys? And if bird carcases are being carried off by scavengers, American reports that wind turbines only kill 400,000 to 500,000 birds  a year are meaningless. Jim Wiegand’s Cheeseburgers & the Wind Industry exposes a central flaw in current wind turbine avian mortality studies.

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Should Ontario Build Wind Turbines On Migration Routes?

By Roy L Hales

When the first winter’s snow covers their hunting grounds, Ontario’s Golden Eagles head south. Many fly along the shore of the Great Lakes, crossing into the United States when the shores are close. This is a major flyway and, according to an article in the Kingston Field Naturalists, “12 million migratory birds pass through” Ontario’s Prince Edward County every year. Some, like the Golden Eagle, are endangered species. Many fall prey to the whirling blades of wind turbines. One of the wind projects sited on this flyway, Wolfe Island, reputedly has the “highest avian mortality in the province.”  Across the border in Michigan state, Huron County intervened on behalf of the birds impose to a 3 mile set-back from the lake. There is no corresponding fly through zone in Ontario. Submissions for two new wind projects – Whites Pines and Ostander Point – are among those being considered for Ontario’s Large Renewable Procurement. The province will not release a list of proposed projects until August 7, when the submission deadline ends. Should Ontario build wind turbines on migration routes?

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Red-Tailed Hawk At The Ocotillo Wind Farm

By Roy L Hales

Jim Pelley sent in some photos of a red-tailed hawk at the Ocotillo Wind farm in California. This is not the first raptor sighted in the wind farm, which straddles a migration flyway used by golden eagles.

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Get the Politics out of Wind Energy!

By Roy L Hales

Stanford University has just published a glowing report about how Wind Farms “can provide a surplus of reliable clean energy to society.” I almost posted it. It is important to publish information that does not fit your beliefs but, in this case, I decided to voice my skepticism instead.
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When “Green” Is Not Clean

By Roy L Hales

The #1 source of Greenhouse Gases is not buildings or transportation, but electricity. That’s because 42% of it is still generated from coal. There are other questions regarding natural gas, which now supplies a quarter of the nation’s power, and aging nuclear plants. Hydroelectricity, biomass, wind, and solar supply 13%. These are all renewables but when “green” is not clean in can cause great damage to the environment.
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