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BC’s Solar Capacity Is Doubling

By Roy L Hales

There are slow pockets, but most of British Columbia’s solar contractors are busier than ever before. Riverside Energy Systems, in Kamloops, is finding it difficult to keep up. Rob Baxter, of Vancouver Renewable Energy Co-operative, thinks we may have reached a tipping point, “more people want to support solar energy.” Alevtina Akbulatova, Net Metering Specialist with BC Hydro, said 90 projects were connected to the grid during 2014. She added, “There are already 99 this year and I could approve a few more by the end of the day.” Add in the 1 megawatt of capacity from SunMine, the province’s first utility scale solar project, and BC’s Solar capacity Is doubling.
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Time For BC To Withdraw From The NEB Process

An interview with Larissa Stendie, author of Sierra Club BC report “Credibility Crises: Major Flaws Threaten Credibility Of NEB Assessment Process For Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline And Tankers Proposal.” She maintains the province’s interests are not being looked after in the proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline hearings and it is time for BC to withdraw from the NEB Process

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A Pioneer Energy Project at Spirit Bay

By Roy L Hales

The Sc’ianew (pronounced Chenuh) Beecher Bay Band has been so dependent on the ocean that the translation of their name means “Big Fish.” So Chief Russ Chipps says it is only fitting that this bay, a symbol of our past, will be vital for a prosperous future.” Two years ago they partnered with the Trust for Sustainable Development to develop a pioneer energy project at Spirit Bay.

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Does Ernst & Young’s LNG Report Vindicate BC?

By Roy L Hales

There are credible experts who believe that, with proper regulation and enforcement, it is possible to have a trustworthy fracking industry. They also say this does not yet exist in North America. Personally, I think the industry is out of control and BC’s government is desperate to get in bed with it. Last week the government released a report from Ernst & Young (EY) which the Minister of Natural Gas Development says “British Columbians can have confidence they are benefiting from a clean, well regulated natural gas industry.” Does Ernst & Young’s LNG report vindicate BC?

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SunVault’s New Graphene Hybrid Storage Device

By Roy L Hales

Supercapacitors provide the burst of immediate energy that makes it possible for the electrical grid to make instant adaptations. They currently lack staying power and need to be deployed with energy storage . What would happen if someone invented a hybrid device that combined the energy of a supercapacitor with energy storage? Now imagine this new device being made of graphene, rather than  lithium, and that it can be used with personal electronic devices like self charging cellphones, or in electric vehicles or in a solar cell.  You’ve just read a description of SunVault’s new graphene hybrid storage device.

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