Protector of the Sacred Sites

Originally Broadcast on Cortes Community Radio, CKTZ, 89.5 FM

Audio from Thursday, August 7. The first part of that program was about a First Nations burial ground on Grace Islet in BC. The podcast below, “Protector of the Sacred Sites,” ran from 9:12 – 9:30. It revolves around the clash between solar projects and Native American Sacred sites in Southern California.

Cicimitl, the great spirit who takes human spirits to the 4 directions and their final destination at the Topock Maze – Courtesy Alfredo Figueroa

When the US set out to build  solar plants in the desert, it clashed with an ancient  culture that did not want them.


An ancient altar at Ivanpah is in the foreground of this picture – from the film, “Who Are My People?”
One of the four sun geoglyphs – Courtesy Alfredo Figueroa
Photo of the Quechan trail – Courtesy Alfredo Figueroa

(Image at top of page: Kokopilli – Courtesy Robert Lundahl’s documentary Who Are My People? Note all images on this page are “threatened”)

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