Premiers About To Fast Track Pipelines

In response to a Globe & Mail a story about Canada’s Premiers about to fast track pipelines:

“Canada’s premiers are poised to sign an agreement to fast-track new oil sands pipelines while watering down commitments to fight climate change.”

“The Canadian Energy Strategy” will be finalized and unveiled at a premiers’ conference in St. John’s beginning Wednesday (July 15). But The Globe and Mail has obtained a draft of the plan that reveals the key points and stumbling blocks ….”

Today’s ECOreport radio program includes interviews with two BC leaders :

    • “Someone said to me the other day, historically we elected governments to govern and now all they do is rule. There is a difference between ruling and governing. Governments today rule and doesn’t give much room for citizen’s concerns to be put on the table ….” – Bob Peart, Executive Director of Sierra Club BC,
    • “It is important for Premiers negotiating an energy strategy to hear that they must also consider Canada’s contribution to the fight against Climate Change…” -Erin Flanagan of the Pembina Institute

And emailed comments from two others:

  • “The draft report appears to be outdated and out of step with both current oil market realities, and the strong opposition by most Canadians to building oil pipelines and expanding oil sands extraction without a view to adding value in Canada ….” –  former BC Hydro CEO Marc Eliesen
  • “If they want social license to move fossil fuel products, they will have to be much more inclusive and listen to the citizens of their provinces and territories. Business as usual just isn’t good enough ….” – Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan

Read the written version of this story

(Top Image Credit: Burnaby Residents on Nov 17, 2014, the day Kinder Morgan’s injunction was read out on Burnaby Mountain. They were to be denied access to the pipeline company’s work area, though Kinder Morgan was working in a Burnaby park against the express wishes of the City Council By Courtesy Mark Klotz via Flickr (CC By Sa,2.0 License)

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