North America’s Greenest Building Code

An interview with Sean Pander, Green Building Manager, City of Vancouver,  about a key component  of the City of Vancouver’s pathways to reaching its goal of becoming the world’s greenest City by 2020. Vancouver currently possesses North America’s Greenest Building Code.

North America’s Greenest Building Code

Vancouver’s goal is to lead the world in green building design and construction .

“The electricity and natural gas that our buildings use generate the majority of Vancouver’s greenhouse gas emissions. We are working to improve the environmental performance of buildings throughout the city.” – from the Vancouver website.

Vancouver  hopes to adopt a carbon neutral standard for new construction after 2020.

They are looking at building measures to increase affordability of our housing stock as well. One route to greening is to include a bunch of advanced technology. A number of the measures within the passive house framework are appealing because they achieve similar energy reductions and they are simple.

(Photo Credit: Green Wall by La Citta Vita via Flickr (CC By SA, 2.0 License)

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