Lessons from Germany – Part 2, Zach Shahan

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1For several years now, Germany has been a model of renewable development. I recently joined a group of editors visiting some of the sites. This morning’s program is the second in which I ask them about their experience:  Lessons from Germany – Part 2, Zach Shahan.

Lessons from Germany – Part 2, Zach Shahan

Zach Shahan, Editor of Clean Technica
Zach Shahan, Editor of Clean Technica

Though I have written for Clean Technica (http://cleantechnica.com/) for more than a year, this was the first time I actually met the editor: Zach Shahan.

He describes  the technical highlights as

  • Younicos battery system – Younicos brings the software but they bring together .. a lot of exciting battery technologies.
  • Germany’s floating offshore wind turbines, “which I think have real potential once they get up to scale.”
  • Ubitricity, “which has a really interesting model for expanding electrical vehicle charging … One of the most promising models I’ve see,”
  • “… There were four editors there and none of us knew there are 7.5 MW onshore wind turbines. I mean really, you see these large numbers for the offshore ones, but none of us had any idea that already have such big ones in use on land.”

Broadcast on Cortes Community Radio, CKTZ, 89.5 FM at 10:00 AM on October15, 2014. 

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