Jim Wiegand’s Cheeseburgers & the Wind Industry

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1 It took the two ravens in this film 18 minutes to discover the 20 burgers and only slightly longer to carry them away. The point being that most of the birds killed by wind turbines weigh less than a cheeseburger. Do we really expect bird carcases to lay undisturbed long enough to be counted in what are often monthly surveys? And if bird carcases are being carried off by scavengers, American reports that wind turbines only kill 400,000 to 500,000 birds  a year are meaningless. Jim Wiegand’s Cheeseburgers & the Wind Industry exposes a central flaw in current wind turbine avian mortality studies.

Jim Wiegand’s Cheeseburgers & the Wind Industry

I found the accompanying commentary harsh and to a large extent unnecessary.

The pictures say it all.

How much food do we think creatures like this are going to leave behind? And if they are taking most of the caucuses away, how accurate can we expect monthly, or even weekly, mortality surveys to be?

Only 10% Of The True Figures?

Wiegand believes only 10% of the true figures are being revealed.

“Each year the slaughter to millions and millions of birds and bats is being concealed by the wind industry and America’s Interior Department.”

Wiegand believes this is a deliberate cover-up. I’m more inclined to think of the alleged underreporting as lack of responsibility.

The slaughter continues.

7 thoughts on “Jim Wiegand’s Cheeseburgers & the Wind Industry”

  1. The information in the video is not really new. Decades before wind turbines came on to the scene wildlife biologists routinely used daily searches when looking for carcasses around communication towers. They did this because of scavengers and it was proven to be the most reliable methodology for accurate mortality data. Periodic searches were also conducted far beyond standard search areas checking for the possibility of missed carcasses. Generally these standard search areas were as far out from towers as the tower height.
    The wind industry does none of this and never has. Turbines are now 500 feet or more in height.

  2. What a joke this reminds me of those still trying to prove the world is flat. If this is your reasoning why no dead birds are “found” at the base of turbines why are there not the dead crows and ravens? if you were a wildlife biologist you who know a crow or raven will not eat another dead crow or raven.

    Mr. Wiegand claims to be a professional wildlife biologist. Mr. Wiegand studied for an undergraduate degree in wildlife biology from the University of Berkeley about 40 years ago. There is no indication that he ever worked as a wildlife biologist in academics, government or for other organizations. He has no peer-reviewed material published. The only record Berkeley keeps online of him is an insect specimen he collected in 1973. Mr. Wiegand appears to be an antique / art seller and a self-taught artist of sorts.

    And, of course, he’s the Vice-President of the anti-wind lobbyist group, Save the Eagles International , which appears to consist of him and the President.

    He has written two analysis pieces, one on wind turbine bird kill counting methodology and one on whooping crane mortality, which completely contradict the findings of hundreds of PhDs, professionals and credible organizations working in the field. These are published on the Save the Eagles International website and a community blog under another person’s ID. They have not been peer reviewed in any accepted manner, and have appeared in no peer reviewed publications.

    He also spends large amounts of time and energy regurgitating portions of his analysis and STEI’s positions on comment boards of articles pertaining to wind farms, whether the stories have anything to do with avian mortality or not.

    In his volunteer position, Mr. Wiegand makes himself available to anti-wind journalists, who tout his credentials without checking and quote him very selectively.

    Selective quoting is important, as Mr. Wiegand has a constant refrain that the US Fish and Wildlife Service has engaged in a 28-year long cover-up of wind farm mortality, and believes that the very carefully worked out wildlife mortality counting methodologies employed at wind farms – methodologies developed and vetted by wildlife biologists, avian preservation groups and the wind industry – consistently undercount avian mortality. He is, effectively, a conspiracy theorist, but his chosen governmental organization to fear is the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

    Mr. Wiegand is not a credible source of information about wind farms and birds.

    1. Quite an attack. I have three questions:
      1. You have chosen to attack Jim Wiegand’s credentials, what are yours? Why should we believe you are a credible source of information? Do you work in the industry?
      2. Re your statement “If you were a wildlife biologist you who know a crow or raven will not eat another dead crow or raven” – Are you claiming that crows and ravens are the only birds killed by wind turbines? Or that crows and ravens are the only scavengers?
      3. Jim Wiegand also says that the search area around wind turbines has not increased since wind turbines were around 100 feet tall, is this true or not?

  3. This is what Bill B. above, is so afraid of….. You can not sit at a table and mitigate for wind turbine impacts that are being hidden behind a wall of fraud. Yet that is what has taken place. The wind industry along with the USFWS have used rigged research, avoiding research, and gag orders to rig the deck.

    I was recently told by an industry informant of a great number of eagle deaths coming out of a particular wind farm. I was shown dozens of eagle carcass images found near turbines. I contacted the USFWS to investigate. They have no interest in perusing a real investigation and said that with their forensics lab needed to determine the cause of death.

    My response to them was that “this lab means nothing. The dead eagles being found near specific turbines are chopped in half, headless, or have massive meat clever type wounds. No expertise is needed to figure this one out.”

    This is how you rig the deck and avoid mitigating real impacts. This perverted and corrupt game has been going on for 30 years.

    Readers should stayed tuned because a new series of articles will be published based upon this informants alarming eagle carcass information and an inept USFWS investigation into unreported wind turbine eagle mortality.

    For all readers here some of the articles I have written that discuss wind industry’s rigged research and hidden slaughter. The information is very credible and as of 2015 is has all been kept out of our court systems:

    This 3 part article discusses the 31,000 (2015 numbers) unaccounted for eagle carcasses that have been sent to the Denver Repository since 1997. Even former FWS agents speak out………. “Voice of Dead eagles”

    Additional hidden eagle carcass information and dismal wind energy production numbers are available for congress in this 2 part article “Clean Energy Producers Act of 2015 (H.R. 493): Eagle Slaughter Amnesty for Industrial Wind”.

    Here is an excellent article that describes some of the various methods being used to rig wind industry mortality data. “Exposing the wind industry genocide” – The ECOReport

    Another article that describes some of the various methods being used to rig wind industry mortality data. Big Wind & Avian Mortality (Part I & Part 2)

    Article that exposes a rapidly declining golden eagle population “EAGLE EXPERT WARNS OF POPULATION COLLAPSE”

    A two part article that discusses some of the history behind the industry rigged research. “THE 28 YEAR WIND INDUSTRY COVER-UP” Parts 1&2

    http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/node/9174 An article about wimpy lawsuits designed to let this industry off the hook. “Bald and Golden Eagles Victorious: Court Invalidates 30-Year “Eagle Take” Rule” (feds vs. federal law) https://www.masterresource.org/cuisinarts-of-the-air/bald-golden-eagles-court-victory/

    Readers will also be further enlightened about the industry’s rigged research if they view the YouTube video “Cheeseburgers and the wind industry”.

  4. This came in a message to me today……….

    First they ignore you
    Then they laugh at you,
    Then they fight you,
    Then you win.


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