Global Reach

The ECOreport is an environmental news platform publishing articles, videos and podcasts on the web. Though relatively small in size, it has a significant global reach.

Top Ten Articles on the ECOreport

10 Most Accessed Articles on the ECOreport

As you can surmise from the chart to the left, a number of the articles posted on the ECOreport receive thousands of views. However most articles are only read by hundreds of people  and 600 views is a respectable figure.

The most popular topics (60% of the top ten), are environmental issues.

Close to 90% of the ECOreport’s  viewers are from North America and this is reflected in the fact that six of the most popular articles deal with issues particular to the West Coast (either B.C. or California) and five are Canadian.

Global Reach

10 Most Visited Articles from the ECOreport & where they were most seen

A very different picture emerges when you look at the spread of articles throughout the web.

So far, I have traced the ECOreport’s articles to 450 different websites.

Only six of these sites provided additional statistics: Clean Technica, PVSolar Report, PlanetSave (up to date statistics no longer available), Linked In, East County Magazine (on request by title) and SoundCloud.

From this partial information it is possible to see that two of the ECOreport’s known top ten articles were about Germany. There is still a strong Californian content, but no articles about Canada. Indeed most of the ECOreport’s most popular reposts on other sites did poorly (less than 600 views) on the ECOreport itself.

Another gage of the ECOreport’s global reach comes from a media coverage report commissioned by Phi Suea House. Two of the entries pertain to my article “A Cheaper And More Efficient Energy Storage System,” which was reprinted on Clean Technica. This report lists the reach of this article as 1,148 and 60,268, respectively. Such numbers are only possible if you include the snowball effect, as articles are reposted on other sites.

Despite its’ small size, the ECOreport has significant global reach.

Sites Where articles from, Or Links To The ECOreport are Posted

  1. 350 PPM (UK) (Third Party news feed)
  2. 6Minecraft
  3. Adenium Energy Capital (Third party news feed)
  4. Advanced Energy (Corporate Upload)
  5. Agilience Authority Based Search
  6. AGS Solar (Third Party news feed)
  7. Ahki
  8. AirportWatch (excerpt at bottom of web page)
  9. Altenergymag
  10. Altenergy tools (news feed)
  11. Alternative Energy News (Third party news feed)
  12. Alternative Power Spot (not credited!)
  13. Alliance For Desert Preservation
  14. Alliant Industry News (news feed)
  15. Alphatech5
  16. Alternative Energy
  17. Altoga Green (Third party news feed)
  18. Alliance for Clean Energy New York (Third party news feed)
  19. Alltop – Top World News (Third party news feed)
  20. (Geothermal news feed)
  21. Amidus (Third party news feed)
  22. Anthony Clavien (Third party news feed)
  23. Anywind (Third party news feed)
  24. Appalachian Energy Center (Third party news center)
  25. Aracuba Experts (Third party news feed)
  26. Arise Solar
  27. Arlington TX Shale Blogger
  28. Asia Energy Investments (Third party news feed)
  29. Association of Ghana Solar Industries (Third party news feed)
  30. Ateno Institute of Sustainability
  31. Autodealers
  32. Barnettshalehell
  33. Bay to Market, Nov 2014 (fn 36)
  34. Bayou Buzz
  35. BC Bushwhacker
  36. BC Local News
  37. BC Water News (reference under Southern California)
  38. Before It’s News
  39. Bernie4The People 
  40. Big Mama Earth Academy (& this)
  41. Biofuel Central
  42. Biovalley Basel
  43. Blue Pillar
  44. BMalaysia (Fourth Part News Feed, from Today Eco)
  45. Borealis Geopower In The Public Eye
  46. Boxy Blogs (search by title!)
  47. Boyle Heights Neighbourhood Council 
  48. Bradman Energy & Carbon
  49. Builder
  50. Business Spectator
  51. Buzz NZ (search by title)
  52. California Carbon Info
  53. CaliforniaFIRST
  54. Calling (news Feed)
  55. Campbell River Mirror (print)
  56. Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Proposed Resolutions for Amendment, AGM 2015 (ref 8)
  57. Canadian Online News
  58. CanGEA (industry website)
  59. Carbon Capture Report
  60. Center For Effective Government (go through 2015 titles)
  61. Chambers For Innovation And Clean Energy
  62. Chatterbility (search by title)
  63. Children’s Directory Digest
  64. China Climate Change Info-Net
  65. Citizens Oversight Projects
  66. Clean Energy Collective
  67. Clean Energy Sector
  68. Clean Energy Wire
  69. Clean Tech Finance
  70. Clean Technica
  71. Clean Tech-Quebec
  72. Clean Tech Reporter
  73. Clean Tech Verdict
  74. Climate Times
  75. Collegiate Energy Association (Third party news feed)
  76. Common Sense Canadian
  77. Community Renewable Energy Waterloo
  78. Creative Home
  79. CSRA Lights (Third party news feed)
  80. NWU at Large, Daily Links & News (link)
  81. Daily KOS
  82. Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association (8/2014)
  83. Davegi
  84. Declara
  85. Democratic Underground
  86. Desert Protective Council (search issues)
  87. Diet Nutrition
  88. Digital Activism Weekly
  89. Discovery Islander (p 12)
  90. Earth Friendly Corporate Gifts (news feed)
  91. Earthscape
  92. EarthWind&Solar Energy (Third Party News Feed)
  93. East County Magazine (The ECOreport)
  94. East County Magazine (Roy L Hales)
  95. Ecocide Alert
  96. ECO Earth Egypt (Third party news feed)
  97. ecohackweb
  98. Ecoiko
  99. ECOR Europe (Trade site)
  100. ECOR USA (Trade site)
  101. ECOtopical
  102. Edmund Rice International
  103. EIN News Desk (Search by title)
  104. (news feed)
  105. Ekofektiv (news feed)
  106. Elatos
  107. Elko Daily Free Press (Who Are My People?)
  108. Electric Energy Online
  109. Electricity Governance Initiative
  110. Electric Nick
  111. Electric Power News Today
  112. Emerald Surfers (AU) (Third party news feed)
  113. Eymit Group
  114. (in list)
  115. Energy at Leeds (uk – Third party news feed)
  116. Energy Electric Infrastructure 
  117. Energy-engineer blogspot (uncredited third party)
  118. Energy Post
  119. Energy Refined
  120. Energy Security News, Views & Opinions (Aug 12, 2014)
  121. Energy Storage News
  122. Enjeux énergies et environnement
  123. Enerji Enstitusu
  124. Engineering News
  125. ENN
  126. Enterprise Energy Solutions (Third party news feed)
  127. Environment California
  128. Environmental Guru
  129. Environmental Health Coalition
  130. Environmental History (Third party news feed)
  131. ENVIROZONE SDN BHD (Third party news feed)
  132. ERA Energy (Third party news feed)
  133. Ernst v. EnCanna Corporation
  134. ETC Green (Third party news feed)
  135. Everyone In Environment (news feed)
  136. EV Central
  137. EV Obsession
  138. Evolve Sustain
  139. EV Wind
  140. Excellent Newspaper
  141. Fastned (corporate website)
  142. Field Service Blog (search by title)
  143. Flipboard
  144. Fallowness (search by title)
  145. Forbes
  146. #fnews (Third party news feed)
  147. Free
  148. Freshwater Bay Group
  149. Friends of the Colorado PUC (when site was Reviving Gaia)
  150. Frompo (search by title)
  151. Fuel Included
  152. Fuel Tracker
  153. Futuregroove
  154. Geddry
  155. GEISER (Third party news feed)
  156. Geoharvey
  157. GeoRem (Third party news feed)
  158. Geothermal Power News Today
  159. Geothermal Resources Council
  160. Geothermal RSS Feed, American Life
  161. Getresponse
  162. Global Energy News (search by title)
  163. Global Investing Today
  164. Global Geothermal News
  165. Global Mayor Forum (2015, #1)
  166. Global Renewable News
  167. Global Village
  168. Global Warming
  169. GoLocalSolar
  170. Governor’s Wind Energy Coalition
  171. Gowanus Your Face Off
  172. Great Bay Wind Energy Center
  173. Green Building Elements
  174. Green Engineering News
  175. Green CO2 (Third party news feed)
  176. Green Design (Third party news feed)
  177. Green Energy Park
  178. Green Events Hawaii (Third party news feed)
  179. Green North Island – Powell River
  180. Green Pages (Third party news feed)
  181. Green Living Journal (Spring 2014, Print Only)
  182. Greener News Blog (Third Party news feed)
  183. Greensbgood
  184. Greens of Powell River 
  185. Ground Water
  186. Hamburg News
  188. Homewise Improvement Solutions
  189. Hotcopper
  190. Hungry Phantom (Third party news feed)
  191. Indiegogo
  192. Idolbin
  193. Inagist
  194. Industria Energia
  195. Informed Comment
  196. Inside Climate News
  197. Inside EVs
  198. Intercontinental Cry
  199. International Biosecurity Intelligence System
  200. Interwest Energy Alliance (Search by title)
  201. Investigreat
  202. IWW Environmental Union Caucus (Third party news feed)
  203. JBS News
  204. John Lothian News
  205. Johnesaq (Search by title)
  206. Jordan Thomas Inc (Third party news briefs)
  208. KALW San Francisco 
  209. KCET
  210. Keeping The Peace
  211. Kenya Renewable Energy Association (Third party news feed)
  212. Khaya Capital (Third party news feed)
  213. Kicks Air (Third Party News Feed)
  214. Kilroy Realty (corporate website)
  215. Kirkland Lakes
  216. Kohinita Alternative Energy
  217. Kompulsa
  218. LA-32 Neighborhood Council
  219. Landlab UK (news feed)
  220. La Tierra Verde
  221. Les Ami(e)s du Richelieu
  222. Light Evolution (UK) (Third Party news feed)
  223. Like The Dew (news feed)
  224. LinkedIn (Roy L Hales)
  225. LNG Buzz
  226. Lockerdome (must be searched by title!)
  227. Lux Research Inc (corporate website)
  228. Make me feed (Must be searched by title)
  229. Martinerenaud
  230. Masdar Initiative
  231. Maxwell Technologies (corporate website)
  232. Meridian Energy & Environment
  233. Messenger For Mother Earth (search by title)
  234. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California 
  235. MetroVanWatch
  236. MG Energies (Third party news feed)
  237. MJ King Insurance Services
  238. Moncton Free Press (search for Roy L hales articles)
  239. Monthly Anaerobic Digestion Newsletter (Jan 2014)
  240. Mr Cool
  241. Muckrack
  242. Muncie Voice
  243. My Atlas Project
  244. My Energy Gateway
  246. My Klinews
  247. My News Eye (Third Party News Feed)
  248. My Nissan Leaf
  249. My Top Pick (search by title)
  250. Nanovoltaics (Third party news feed)
  251. Nara Renewables
  252. Nataly Cnyrim-Kimmel (Third party news feed)
  253. National Wind Watch
  254. Nature Wallpaper – Mountain (Third party news feed)
  255. Nature Wallpaper – palm (news feed)
  256. Nature Wallpaper – storm (news feed)
  257. Nature Wallpaper – Winter (news feed)
  258. NCSE Affiliate Services
  259. Netizen Blogroll (news feed)
  260. Network Reporter
  261. Nevada Public Radio
  262. Neware
  263. New Energy News
  264. New Global Energy (Third party news feed)
  265. New Jersey PACE
  267. News Central
  268. NewsJS (news feed from CT) 
  269. News Now UK (Third party news feed)
  270. Newstral (Search by Title)
  271. New World Capital Group, The Rise of Environmental Infrastructure Markets December 2014 (fn 64, 65)
  272. Northern Generation Company (Third party news briefs)
  273. North Shore News
  274. Nuzzel
  275. Nu Vision Energy (Third party news feed)
  276. NYC Acre (Third party news feed)
  277. Occuworld
  278. OffGrid/On Grid
  279. One Penny Sheet
  280. Orange County Solar (Third party news feed)
  282. Our Daily Green Life
  283. Our World
  284. OZ Access ( Third Party News Feed) 
  285. OZ House (No longer online)
  286. PACE Now
  287. Pearlwind
  288. Peter Kimmel (Third party news feed)
  289. planet.ECO
  290. PlanetSave
  291. Planned Obsolescence (news feed)
  292. Plant Health
  293. Pocosin Lakes News
  294. Polder PV
  295. Politwitter
  296. Polyconundrum
  297. Popular Permaculture
  298. powEARTHful (link)
  299. Power Engineering (news feed)
  300. Press365 (in Greek)
  301. Pressgrab 
  302. Pricelock (search for Roy L Hales)
  303. Progressive Bloggers
  304. Quiet Solar Energy
  305. Quixotes Last Stand
  307. Rare Birds Housing Co-operative
  308. Raw Story (when site was called Reviving Gaia)
  309. RBTUS
  310. Readers Supported News
  311. Real Clear Energy
  312. Reba Capital (UK) (Third Party News Feed)
  313. Regator
  314. Renewable Choice Energy
  315. RenewEconomy
  316. Renewable Funding (Corporate website)
  317. Renewable Energy Federation
  318. Renewable Energy News
  319. Renewable Energy World (Roy’s Articles)
  320. Renewables News (Roy’s Articles)
  321. Residential Solar 101
  322. Resilience Roundup (Sept 18)
  323. Renewable Energy in the Philippines
  325. Rocket News
  326. Roth Environment (news feed)
  327. RBTUS
  328. Salem News
  329. San Diego County Water Authority 
  330. San Diego Loves Green (Most of the articles on that site were assigned, aggregated or written by Roy L Hales while he was the edito, between Nov 2012-Dec 2013. )
  331. San Diego Solar (resource list)
  332. Sauder School of Business (UBC)
  333. Save The Eagles
  334. Shopage
  335. SchwarzReport
  336. Shzamm!
  337. Sierra Club BC
  338. SimpleNewz
  339. Simply Green
  340. Simply Solar Panel (uk) (capsulized without credit or link!)
  341. Site Based Energy (Third party news feed)
  342. Sky Scraper Page Forum (Feb 7 & Mar6, 2014 entries)
  343. Smart Grid Cluster
  344. Smart Grid News
  345. Smart Metering Daily
  346. Smart Promise (Third party news feed)
  347. Smithville Turbines Opposition Party
  348. Snapzu (search by title)
  349. Social Dashboard (search by title)
  350. Sokolic Solar (search by title)
  351. Solar 2015
  353. (search by title)
  354. Solar Company USA
  356. Solar (& Here)
  357. Solar Energy Industry Today
  358. Solar Estimate (Third Party news feed)
  359. Solar King
  360. Solar Knowledge
  361. Solar Love
  362. Solar Panels Ideas (Third party new feed)
  363. Solar Power Follower
  364. Solar Reviews (search by title)
  365. Solaric
  366. Solartroniks (not credited, but linked)
  367. Sound Cloud (ECO radio)
  368. Spiel Climate (Third party news feed)
  369. spiritandanimal
  370. Spundge
  371. Standing On Sacred Ground
  372. Stop These
  373. Suitandartist (when site was Reviving Gaia)
  374. Sullivan Solar Power (company site)
  375. Sun Rotor (news feed)
  376. Sustainability 2030 Institute
  377. Sustainable Family Life (search by title)
  378. Sustainability Southeast (Third party news feed)
  379. Sustainability University of Notre Dame (Third party news feed)
  380. Synergy Enviro Engineers (Third party news feed)
  381. Talk Solar (Third party news feed)
  382. Talkstock
  383. TCS Power (Third party news feed)
  384. Tech Investor News (Search by title)
  385. Telecom Ramblings
  386. Telezkope (capsulized with neither credit or link!)
  387. Tell Your Children (Third party news feed)
  388. Teslarati (as Reviving Gaia)
  389. The9Billion
  390. The bio-based economy Dailey (fourth party reprint – credited ecoiko)
  391. The Climate and Sustainability Exchange Network (news feed)
  392. The Earthworm Book
  393. The Elysian (company website)
  394. The Energy Source (Search by title)
  395. The Generator
  396. The Green Energy Blog
  397. The Greenlining Institute
  398. The Idle No More Daily
  399. The News Doctors
  400. The NGV Times
  401. The Northcoast Environmental Center
  402. The Smart Energy
  403. The Solar Spark UK (Third party news feed)
  404. The Unz Review
  405. Things I Grab
  406. Think-Dash
  407. ThinkGeoEnergy
  408. ThinkProgress
  409. Thoughts of A Lapsed Physicist
  410. Tilveran (upload)
  411. Tips For Living Green
  412. Today Eco (search by title)
  413. Topix (search by reposting site’s title!)
  414. Translogistics
  415. Treehugger 
  416. Tribal Power Co (Third party news feed)
  417. University of Cambridge, Bioenergy Initiative (Third party news Feed)
  418. Urban Green Technologies (Third party news feed)
  419. Urban Natural Resources Institute (Third party news feed)
  420. US Green Technology
  421. US Message Board
  422. Vanadium (Third party news feed)
  423. Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (link)
  424. Vancouver Observer (used radio broadcast with their story)
  425. Veekay1946.blogspot
  426. Vehicle (Third Party News feed)
  427. Via Expo (Search by title)
  428. Viral News Chart
  429. Volkmann Consult
  430. Volt Solar Systems (Third party news feed)
  431. Walla Walla Tea Party (search by title)
  432. Waste Management & Recycling News Today
  433. Watchinga
  434. Watershed Sentinel (mix of print only & web, original & reprints)
  436. WeSRCH, Energy  (Third party news feed)
  437. West Coast Native News
  438. WFHToday (Search by title)
  439. Wikups (no search engine!)
  440. Wilderness Committee
  441. Wind Energy Industry Today
  442. Wind Power Solutions
  443. Wind Rose Excel (Third party news feed)
  444. Wisair
  445. World News Beat
  446. Xprise (mentioned)
  447. Yahoo News
  448. Yegli (search by title)
  449. Younicos (corporate site)

Image at top of page: From the article/podcast “Self Reliant Living On Cortes Island” – Roy L Hales photo 

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