Fastned’s First German EV Fast Charging Stations

By Roy L Hales

Germany is building out an EV fast charging infrastructure. Two months ago, the European Commission decided “Germany’s scheme to roll out a network of user-friendly infrastructure for charging electric vehicles across the country is in line with EU state aid rules.”  The government will invest €300 million (nearly $320 US) and two-thirds of this is designated to accelerate the development of a fast charging network. The buildout started long before any announcement of Government funding. 292 units were installed last year. Construction of the Dutch company Fastned’s first German EV fast charging stations is about to commence.

Fastned’s First German EV Fast Charging Stations

Fastned’s new German locations and the companies existing locations in the Netherlands – Courtesy Fastned

There are initially 14 of them, which Fastned explained these will be the first Germany stations “accessible to all car brands.”

Fastned’s stations will be open for the launch of a new generation of longer range electric cars: the “Audi Q6 e-tron, Volkswagen I.D., Porsche Mission E, Tesla Model 3 and the Jaguar I-PACE.”

“With Fastned we will enter a new dimension to increase the attractiveness of electromobility between the agglomerations of Frankfurt and Cologne. The quick charging station will significantly strengthen the industrial estate at the Intercity Railway Station connected with the purpose to settle innovative companies with creative ideas in this area. The international character of the provider is particularly valuable for our city,” said Dr. Marius Hahn, Mayor of Limburg an der Lahn.

Fastned will also be working with the hotel chain Van der Valk and property developer Lutzenberger Projektentwicklung (

Beginnings Of The ‘Autowende’

Street scene in Limburg an der Lahn, Germany, by Seth Schoen via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)


“We are witnessing the start of the ‘Autowende’, from fossil to electric. This is accompanied by the start of a transition from petrol stations to fast-charging stations where electric cars can charge super fast and continue their journey. Fastned is building a pan-European network of fast charging stations that will provide freedom to drivers of electric cars to travel across Europe. As charging speeds increase, charging will become like refuelling your car, and fast charging stations will be the petrol stations of the future,” said Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned.

Germany will need close to 7,000 charging stations to reach its’ target for 2020. The initial build out is a mere 400 stations. BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, and Daimler are all participating.

Top Photo Credit: courtesy Fastned

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