EcoReality on Salt Spring Island 2

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1This is the conclusion of Gordon Katic’s documentary The End of Civilization Ecovillage, in which he tells the story of his visit to Ecovillage on Salt Spring Island. It was rebroadcast on the ECOreport as EcoReality on Salt Spring Island 2.

(Click here to listen to part one)

EcoReality on Salt Spring Island 2

In this segment Gordon Katic concludes the story of his visit and makes some observations about the future of communities like Ecovillage.

During the interview that follows the documentary, Katic talks about communal activities within the city of Vancouver.

“Coop housing is really huge, at least it is bigger here than any other place that I’ve been to. That, to me, is really exciting. I think it is partly just a reaction to terrible housing prices here is Vancouver, but the people who do live in these coops are evangelists …”

The End of Civilization Ecovillage was produced by the  Terry Project, a cross-faculty program at UBC designed to educate undergraduate students on pressing global issues like climate change, poverty, conflict and disease. Recognizing that these problems demand a rich multi-dimensional understanding, our chief aim is to create forums that promote interdisciplinary dialogue between students of the humanities and students of the life sciences. By hosting a prominent speakers series, organizing a TEDx student conference, offering an interdisciplinary academic course, and fostering a vibrant online community, we inspire students across disciplines to come together to discuss issues of global import.

(Click here to access EcoReality on Salt Spring Island 1)

(Image at top of page: Jan Steinman died his beard orange in what he describes as “a dare gone wrong.” (Gordon Katic/The Terry Project))

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