Cool Clean Water Comes From Healthy Forests

By Roy L Hales

Though Cec Robinson has been a recognized personality in the logging blockades, he would rather work in his garden, or go fishing. Only there is a lot at stake. Speaking as one of Cortes Island’s stream keepers, Cec said you need cold, clean  water for healthy streams. Cool clean water comes from healthy forests.

Cool Clean Water Comes From Healthy Forests

Wilderness Committee campaigner Torrance Coste beside in a fresh Teal Jones clearcut in Vancouver Island’s Walbran Valley, (Access Associated Story) (Emily Hoffpauir photo)

Cec described British Columbia’s forestry business as “out of control.”

“The companies involved are quick to disagree and they make reference to governing bodies whose rules they follow. They generally don’t get around to telling you that it is a governing body set up by themselves, comprised of themselves and, not surprisingly, they meet all the rules,” he added.

Logging Cortes Island

Cortes Community Forest cutblocks with a leave tree in the foreground – Roy L Hales photo

In the course of the podcast above, he also talked about the experiment in sustainable forestry that is presently underway on Cortes Island. “The attitude and the intent are good.” There are possible areas of  improvement. “Roads are always problematic”; should people be allowed to take firewood from the community forest cutblocks? How effective are “leave trees”?

Cec also talks about an alternate model that comes out of Oregon State University. Acre sized “clearcuts” harvested on a-150-year rotation system. This system is ideal for Douglas Fir and does not require an extensive system of roads.

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Top Photo Credit: Basil Creek on Cortes Island – Roy L Hales photo

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