I, Roy L Hales, am  the editor/owner , of the ECOreport.

Before the ECOreport

I have been writing for as long as he can remember. My earliest stories were compilations of pictures. Later, I tried to write books  started writing books –  but got lost in the web expanding research possibilities . As a result, corrections turned into restarts of my story line.

Writing for newspapers and magazines was simpler. They are short and tend to be a snapshot in time rather than comprehensive treatment of a subject. I started writing for the Fraser Valley Record (now the Mission City Record), while waiting for an archaeologist to comment on the first draft of a book, in 1982. I set the book aside three years later, but continued to be published in newspapers and magazines until 2006. I have written about 500 articles for print media.

In 1987, I was in charge of publicity for Vancouver’s Third Cross Cultural Conference.

I was the editor of the Vine Press, a quarterly publication of the Vineyard movement, in 1992-93 and curator of the Vineyard Gallery in 1993-96. I also handled PR for the Christian artists and writers group Artistic License from 1993-96 and arranged for exhibitions at venues like the Lookout Gallery at Regent College, UBC; Langley Centennial Museum and Exhibition Centre and what is now called the Ranger Station Art Gallery at Harrison Hot Springs.

This led to my being interviewed on the radio by the late Bernice Gerrard, and profiled in BC Report and the Langley Times.

On The Web

I entered the world of web publications as editor of San Diego Loves Green in the fall of 2012, and left that venue to building my own website (the ECOreport) in December 2013.

Some of my recent work was published on Clean Technica, where I a senior reporter and wrote two of the site’s five most visited articles in 2014. (America Can Nearly Quadruple Its Renewable Electricity By 2030 142,653 views & Germany is #1 in the World for Energy Efficiency 135,678 views).

I have also written for Renewable Energy World, East County Magazine, PVSolarReport appeared in both print and web versions of the Watershed Sentinel,and numerous other sites through-out the web.

On June 12, 2017,  I became the President of Cortes Community radio, 89.5 FM, where I broadcasts a weekly program called the ECOreport. You can access the podcasts here.

Contact Information

Roy L Hales
Editor, the ECOreport
Box 78,
Squirrel Cove, BC, V0P 1T0

Phone: 250-935-6328
email: roy.hales9@gmail.com


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  1. Radio interview request:
    Regarding the premiers meeting to fast track pipes of oil, etc.
    The show, Altered Egos, is a radio news magazine, and it airs on Saturdays from 10 AM Pacific Time to noon, on our independent, not-for-profit, community campus station, CHLY 101.7 FM (and at http://www.chly.ca where you can listen live).
    It would be a telephone interview, as soon as possible, please.

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